WH Tries Jedi Mind Trick to Explain Smoking Gun Benghazi Email


Truth Revolt

“It [the smoking gun email] was explicitly not about Benghazi. It was about the overall situation in the region, the Muslim world, where you saw protests across embassy facilities across the region.”

as the political version of “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl went after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Wednesday about the Benghazi emails indicating a political basis for the Administration’s response that were released by Judicial Watch the day before.

Despite the text of the email, Carney tried to get away with saying the letter was not about Benghazi, saying,“It was explicitly not about Benghazi. It was about the overall situation in the region, the Muslim world, where you saw protests across embassy facilities across the region.”

Karl aggressively questioned Carney about the week leading up to Susan Rice’s post Benghazi appearance on the Sunday news shows where she blamed the attack on an anti-Muslim You Tube video. Carney tried to respond with snark:



15 Comments on WH Tries Jedi Mind Trick to Explain Smoking Gun Benghazi Email

  1. Let’s see if the Republicans find in this, another reason to wet their pants and drop the ball

  2. “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

    So when Obama makes a blanket statement about “acts of terror”in the world, and then calls Benghazi nothing but a “terrible act” in the next sentence, Obama claims that “acts of terror” referred SPECIFICALLY TO BENGHAZI.

    Check the transcript, Candy.

    But now Comrade Carney is telling us that emails about Benghazi are about the world situation, and SPECIFICALLY NOT ABOUT BENGHAZI.

    Check the transcript, Carney.

  3. Call up Edward Snowden from Triple A Moscow and send Jay Carney outright to the Fighting Putins. Seriously, they’re twins. Snowden would provide Li’l Obama with more propaganda of the “Blame America” crowd.

  4. The Koch brothers should stop wasting their money, and just send enough clown suits to dress Obama’s whole administration.

    That picture of Carney is exactly what I see even before he even opens his mouth.

  5. I read this morning the transcript of the exchange between Joe Scarborough and Donnie Deutch about this newest WH scandal. It was quite good, really. Deutch defended obama and his WH by attacking Republicans, saying, essentially that their goose is cooked if they take offense at the cover-up because it was all just ‘political strategy’ on the part of the ‘rats. Scarborough responded by saying that by the logic, then, if it’s a ‘rat cover-up it’s just strategy, but if a Repub does it, it’s a scandal.

    I am constantly reminded of Evan Sayet’s “Regurgitating the Apple: How the Modern Liberal Thinks”

    “The same is true of good and evil. Since nothing can deemed good, nothing can be deemed evil. That which society does recognize as good must be the beneficiary of some sort of prejudice. That which society recognizes as evil must be the victim of that prejudice. So, again, the mindless foot soldier will invariably side with whatever policy, mindlessly accept whatever policy seeks to tear down what is good–America, Israel, Wal-Mart–and elevate what is evil until everything meets in the middle and there is nothing left to fight about.”

    Carney is either using sophistry on purpose or reflexively (because he honestly believes what he is saying). Either way, he’s lying and a lie is a lie is a lie. And no amount of hocus-pocus-out-of-focus, shape-changing, word-parsing is going to change that fact.

  6. Jay Carney is nothing more than a stooge, a court jester, a paid liar. Why the press sits and listens to his bullshit is beyond comprehension.

    They should say “Geez, Jay, that’s utter BULLSHIT!” get up and walk out. En masse.

    The fact that they don’t makes them more stupid-looking than the carney clown.

  7. You know that when these “press prevarications” are over Jay fist pumps and exclaims how “I really bamboozled em, this time! See those suckers sitting there lapping it up? I could shit in my hand and they’d lick my fingers!”

  8. Carney’s statements weren’t about answering the reporters questions. He was giving them instructions on what to report.

    Curiously, I don’t see other media folks attacking Karl for his heresy. I thought we would see witness a self criticism and flagellation by now. It appears the spell is waning.

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