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WH Working On Freeing Pakistani Doctor Abandoned By Obama

Remember when Obama wanted absolute definitive proof Osama Bin Laden was tucked away in a blockhouse in Pakistan? The CIA set up a vaccination effort in the neighborhood and sent workers over to Osama’s place to get a count on the residents. Then after the raid, the Pakistani authorities figured out who was in charge of the vaccination effort and took Dr. Shakil Afridi into custody.  Obama didn’t lift a finger to get him out for the rest of his term.

Well, there might be some good news this week on the good doctor’s release,  thanks to the current president’s effort on his behalf.

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10 Comments on WH Working On Freeing Pakistani Doctor Abandoned By Obama

  1. I’m so sorry. I had forgotten about this good doctor until now and because of the way he was abandoned by Obama reminds me of one more reason why I despise the slithering (apologies to all the good and useful reptiles) ass that is the contemptible Obama. Thank you President Trump.

  2. I hope president Trmp is successful getting this man released.
    But largely the Obama damage has been done, probably permanent damage. What local will trust anyone from the US gov in the future? Likely no one for at least two generations, or more.

  3. Why did Obama do that? It’s never been explained.
    Neither has Obama letting that stealth drone be taken by Iran.
    I mean, I know Obama’s an asshole, but isn’t there something else to explain these actions?

  4. the true depth of Obama’s sins may never be known but outing and abandoning the good doctor has to be one of the most heinous. Pakistan may not be our enemy but they sure as hell ain’t our friend. We end up paying them for damn near anything we do in the area, like transporting material to Afghanistan thru Pakistan. Good luck getting the doc out. he deserves a reward not a punishment.

  5. Hopefully he’s set free.

    Put barky’s ass in prison, and to make it
    true hell, throw his Wookie in with him and feed
    them the Former First Trannie’s school lunches
    for the rest of his miserable life.

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