What a way to go

4 fall into manhole, suffocate to death

sewage hole emirates

A 55-year-old Emirati, two of his sons and a son-in-law died yesterday morning after falling into a sewage manhole in the courtyard of their house in Dibba, Fujairah.

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  1. Four of them, really, four? There were some serious intelligence problems in that family, praise be to Darwin’s will.
    Live by the shithole, die in the shithole.
    Sorry folks, spent all my empathy on murdered Christians and raped little girls this month, waiting for my check.

  2. in their defense the hole looked just like the entrance to their cellar.

    looks like Ann B. was right about their inbreeding and intelligence.

    after the first man fell in the others thought his screams for help were calls to come and join him?

  3. This tops the story of an Asian family that accidentally dropped one or their cellphones into an open sewer. “Oh no! My phone!” *jumps in to save it*. As she was drowning the rest of the family one by one jumped in to save each other and all of them drowned. I think this is why they eat dogs and cats in China.

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