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Are We Too Cynical, or Are We Just Savvy?

I received this e-mail earlier today, it’s about a guy who purchases a $100 Olive Garden “all the pasta you can eat for 7 months” pass.

Mr Big,

I don’t see that this guy is being generous, unless you consider it generous to give somebody else’s stuff away.  Progressivism 101.

I just seem to be such a cynical asshole sometimes I can’t get a read on myself, am I being too harsh?

I’m glad he did it and he clearly helped people, but why put a video up on youtube like you’re a reincarnated Mother Theresa?  How about a second video with him picking up the trash that was left after every meal because the homeless don’t seem to have much of an affinity for putting trash in garbage cans.

– Potential Jerk


I’m pretty cynical too. I was left thinking that this was a video produced by Olive Garden. Every person he approached he made a point of saying, at least two times, “I have some Olive Garden for ya.” Not food. Not pasta. Olive Garden!

Also, I thought the promotion stipulated that you have to eat the pasta in the restaurant. What’s with the multiple bags being handed to him at the head waiter’s desk?


And now there is some cynical reader thinking I’m in on this because I’ve typed OLIVE GARDEN way too many times.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.25.43 PM


Video ^

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  1. Young fool probably found out about Olive Garden’s great deal while he was outside protesting that they should raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. He’s probably also incensed to walk into a private establishment and discover they’ve no free wifi. But don’t expect to find him giving free rides to bums in his ubercar.

    Our public education system has let.this fool down in a big way.

  2. I belong to neither. I’m a card carrying member of the “Fuck It” crowd. A cardinal sin. Who gives a fuck about Pasta R Us. We should be concentrating on “Black Lives Matter”. Or more commonly known as “The Klan With A Tan”. And we’re talking about trash? Really?

  3. This isn’t the Black Lives Matter annoys me blog, though.
    If you started one, I’ll gladly link your posts.

  4. 1. Looks like a set up. The guy has a remote microphone so his buddy can film him from across the street? How much did that camera and mic setup cost him? He could have fed everybody on Skid Row with that.

    2. Olives grow in groves, not gardens. It’s a tree! What the hell is an olive garden?

  5. Never thought of the Olive Tree inside job/commercial angle but I would agree with that as well.
    Plus he didn’t get cussed at by any of the street people. They usually get pissed when they are given food since that doesn’t convert easily to drugs.

    Thanks BTW

  6. The card should have a photo ID on it and a serial number. It should say it’s non transferable and can only be used once every 24 hours. By the person who’s photo appears on it.

  7. Zing ! That’s gonna leave a mark.
    HOAs are the Devil.

  8. Gonna have to call bullshit on this one, this video is made with the mind people watching have had no interaction with the homeless.
    “Hey, how about some Olive Garden?” nobody would say that.
    Yep, Olive Garden propaganda.

  9. I was hoping that the bums behind the wall kicked his ass and stole his clothes. And he has a punchable face to boot.

  10. Oh yeah, definitely a punchable hipster face, definitely.

  11. When they start setting up “Reserve Funds” of tens of thousands, check your wallet and your covenants. And make sure that your HOA board memberz are all gainfully employed, because spending your money will become their day job if you don’t watch them closely.

  12. try using your pass like he did and see how far you get with it.

    it’s still stealing.

  13. Never eaten at Olive Garden. My sister ate there twice and got sick each time.

    I asked “Why’d ya go back?”

    I only have to get sick, or stole from, once
    and I’m done … unless it’s the gov’t.

  14. “It’s the vegetable patch me sweetie pie planted, ya swab!”

    — Popeye


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