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What a World, A Messed Up Leftist World

 . If a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.

. Somehow It’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.

. Russians influencing our elections are bad, but illegal Mexicans voting in our elections are good.

. It was cool for Joe Biden to blackmail the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquires about it.

. Twenty is too young to drink a beer, but eighteen is old enough to vote.

. Sexualizing children is bad, but 11-year-old drag queens are good.

. Illegals aren’t required to show ID, but citizens can’t buy cough medicine without it.

. Citizens are fined if they don’t buy their own health insurance, and then they are forced to buy it for illegals.

. People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves.

. Inflammatory rhetoric is outrageous, but harassing people in restaurants is virtuous.

. People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for useless degrees.

. Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.

. Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate Central-American gang-banger who jumps the southern fence is welcome.

. $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care for illegals is not.

. If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.

. Politicians who say that the President is not above the law put illegal immigrants and themselves above the law.

. People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.

. Illegals don’t pay taxes, but they get tax refunds.

. We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, and it seems like a great plan to us.

. Voter suppression is bad, but not allowing the President to be on the ballot is good.

. Fourth-of-July parades are bad, but parades of women dressed as vaginas are good.

. Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.

. criminals are catch and released to hurt more people but stopping them is bad.

. And pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes you a “racist.

attributed to Dave Dykes

ht/ woody

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  1. Cain’t argue wi nunna dat!
    But whacha gonna do, Rochester?

    Too late to vote em out and too early to kill em!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Billy Fuster; I 100% agree with you. Income Tax is the new slavery that just looks better till you peel back the illusion.

  3. Judging by content of character is bad but giving unearned benefits to unqualified people through unconstitutional Affirmative Action is good

  4. Our culture is now so rotten, that the Leftists (Chinese + Globalists + Democrats + Media) expect to get away with the Chinese virus fraud.

    Why? Because it will become a moot point when their actual objective has been reached: disintegration of America and the destruction of the U.S. Dollar.

    Their objective is Global Communism.

  5. “That’s exactly why liberals and Conservatives can NOT coexist.

    We are polar opposites.”

    You’re half right. We consider them polar opposites, they consider us mortal enemies.

  6. First point: See Pennsylvania Secretary of Health.

    Not only must you pretend, you must exalt. This is leading to serious consequences as the keystone state can attest.

  7. cognitive dissonance

    the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

  8. Trump can no longer point to the economy and jobs as a reason to get your vote…could that result in a democrat sweep which would result in the end of freedom and , with open borders, green deals, reparations and no health care an end of the civilized world…probably.

  9. “Trump can no longer point to the economy and jobs as a reason to get your vote…”

    Can’t point to smaller government and more freedom either. Not any longer, and not with a credible promise of things to (maybe) come someday.

    What will the election campaigns, both sides, boil down to? A personality driven “At least I’m not him!” and nothing else?

  10. @ Anonymous

    Your statement is the strategy of the
    smellocrat communist party,
    they had NO issues whatsoever before
    the coronavirus debacle which they
    magnified into the near destruction
    of the country which they couldn’t care
    less about since it serves their purpose
    of a possible takeover by them.

    And the subsequent destruction of the
    USA economy and the American people
    NEVER mattered to them.

    They intended to destroy POTUS Trump
    at ANY cost !



    Regardless of consequences to
    the American people.

  11. “Your statement is the strategy of the
    smellocrat communist party, … ”

    More than that, and from a much, much higher source than any political party. All those parties and their pretended differences and conflicts are nothing more than a tool, or weapon, being used by a higher level of the command structure.

    And it, that tool, has been and will continue to be very effective.

  12. WOODY
    I spent time in detention 62 years ago because – “And pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes you a “racist.”

    So “the more things change; the more….”!
    What was true in ’57 is still “true” today! Hey folks the preceding statement is sarcastic!
    Ike was not racist!


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