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What About OUR Bio-Labs?

Biolab Safety Worries—In U.S.!

Judicial Watch received 25 pages of redacted records and communications from the Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) that reveal safety lapses and violations at U.S. biosafety laboratories that conduct research on dangerous agents and toxins. Mishaps, human errors, animal escapes, improper and defective personal protective equipment, facility equipment failures and containment failures continue to occur at some of the United States’ most secure and regulated high-containment biosafety laboratories.

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  1. Apparently complacency is common. At most jobs, that will just get you and your coworkers killed. With these bozos, complacency can kill everything on earth… Smooth move Exlax.

  2. I watched The Andromeda Strain the other night.
    Interesting flick about a deadly organism of extraterrestrial origin.
    Michael Crichton wrote it in 1969.

    Of course the japs and our own government are far more dangerous than any ET ever dreamed of…including Aliens.

    Another show that has the CDC involved was the 4th episode of The Walking Dead 1st season called TS-19
    Happy ending because the CDC in Atlanta is blown to fucking bits!

  3. When you turn your labs over to foreign communist nationals…say China – weird, fraudulent mismanagement and massive contamination is bound to happen. Same mismanagement might have brought the world Covid, if it wasn’t a deliberately constructed bioweapon.

  4. How are our Bio Labs in the Ukraine doing? Just asking. Scuttle Butt has it the Ruskies captured some Canadian higher up that was running those labs for us. Could be bull shit. But who knows?

  5. 99th, Hottest woman on the intranet. And Internet. Wondering what the difference is, but oh yea, back to my original point, ” if it wasn’t a deliberately constructed bioweapon.”
    I’ll bet real cash money Bitch McConnel is knee deep in the finance and the release. Any takers?

  6. If US government bio labs in the Ukraine are destroyed, do us American ruptured tax slaves have to pay to have them rebuilt??? Or is Russia going to foot the bill??? Take a guess.

  7. Studying deadly and highly infectious pathogens is a high risk, but often necessary, activity. History is replete with researchers who caught the disease they were studying. That is how safety protocols are developed. We are supposed to learn from others’ mistakes.

    Human nature being what it is, we often disregard safety protocols as being overly restrictive. We insist on repeating another’s mistake, though we are quite capable of coming up with a totally new one. (I, for one, would not want a new safety protocol named after me. I am content with ignoring the existing ones.)

    On the subject of Coxiella burnetti, I was told that one of the early researchers at the Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton, Montana accidentally let loose disease-bearing ticks in the lab and was bit by one or more. He died of the resulting Q-fever. It took a very long time to get rid of the ticks, as they were very small.

    The bacteria itself is very hardy and can exist for years in the dust of birthing pens. People have been infected by inhaling aerosolized spores (not true spores, but spore-like) from piles of clothes a cat has given birth in — like we need more reasons to avoid stray cats, and I do avoid them. To be fair, C. burnetti has also been found in dogs and many other animals, as well as their fluids (mucus, urine, milk, etc.).

    Way back when, I participated in paper studies of human pathogens that had been weaponized or considered as a potential weapon by the usual suspects. I often found myself convinced I had contracted whatever dread disease I was researching at the time. (It is, apparently, a common problem with many who do such research, including many medical students.) I suppose it is preferable to actually getting a disease, self-inflicted or otherwise, in the course of a laboratory study.

    I can’t imagine how those lab workers in Wuhan must have felt when they realized they were sick because of their mistake or that of a colleague or supervisor.

    We had no business outsourcing that sort of research to the People’s Liberation Army, or Ukraine, or any other country. We have plenty of level 3 and 4 labs here and plenty of well educated, experienced people here, and they don’t have to be immigrants either. They do make mistakes, but they are also heavily monitored and there are many layers of safeguards to keep any mistakes confined to the lab and facility.

    I would prefer that these labs not be located near population centers. I understand that some of these facilities were considered to be isolated when they were built. If the city has grown up around them, they really should be relocated, preferably at least 60 miles from the nearest town or city.

  8. Well, Brad – I’d be a pretty vain chick if I thought I was the hottest woman on the interwebs, but thanks for the compliment.
    As for “Turtle” McConnell, there should be evidence out there he and his RINO cohorts are knee deep in kickback deals with the CCP. Somehow he’s profiting from the Covid Plandemic. Another reason President Trump had to go. He was going to terminate the China bribery circuit in Congress.


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