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What Are You Doing For Toyotathon?

I guess there was a poll on X today. lol

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  1. accurate. until a year or two ago, no one outside of Texas had a clue about Juneteenth. many still dont. talked to a lady today and she wanted to schedule something for Wednesday, told her I’d be off for the holiday. she was befuddled when I told her what it was.this was a 50+ year old. never heard of it. now toyotathon, that is one every single person knows.

  2. I just got a letter from my Toyota dealer, they want to buy my 3 year old Toyota back. Said they can’t find high quality recent model used cars and will pay me above fair market value (I had just had it in for service). Two years ago I was offered almost what I paid for the thing, basically it was what I paid minus the sales tax.

  3. Is this a “celebration” of car buyers who supposedly were not informed a Toyotathon occurred until two years after the event? Wow, how tragic.

  4. Saturday changed the oil on both my 2000 4Runner and the wife’s 2010 Corolla.
    A fun morning before it got hot.

  5. I was planning on harvesting a big mess of Dill Weed and preparing it to dry. Also, Rosemary. And my deck pots are full of banana and jalapeno peppers! Mmmmmm. I’m thinkin nachos.

  6. No but govt. offices and banks etc. are and all for a bullshit made up politically correct holiday. I’m surprised that all blacks don’t have the day off either but I’m sure that’s next with a free all you can eat fried chicken, bbq ribs, collard greens, watermelon and malt liquor buffet and menthol cigarettes for blacks only. Whitey don’t get squat.

  7. Weren’t the KIA Souls originally advertised with a hamster mascot named Turbo? At least they’re not as ugly as those little square Nissans that looked like they were designed by 5 years olds. Those clown cars looked like something that Gumby and Pokey would drive.

  8. @Geoff — Hamster? Sounds about right, but I don’t see many TV commercials and don’t remember that. There are a slew of ugly little cars on the road these days, and the Soul fits right in!

    At least my car isn’t one of the myriad jelly beans out there. I miss the days when all the auto makes had their own distinctive look. I liked them all (OK, some more than others), except for the Edsel which EVERYBODY instantly thought looked like a puking frog.

  9. Why don’t veterans get Veterans Day off? I mean the schools are closed fercrissakes, but vets have to haul their butts into work. That always pissed me off.

  10. And Gremlins, AMC Marlins, the fugliest fastback ever built as well as anything else built by AMC which stood for American Crap. Of course, George Romney, Mitt Romney’s dad was the CEO of Rambler (AMC) at the time in the 50’s and 60’s. While McNamara over at Ford gave us the Edsel and the shaft later over the Vietnam war.

  11. ^ And don’t forget the “TFX” which took him five bidding rounds to award to General Dynamics over Boeing. At each iteration, GD’s designed looked more and more like Boeing’s. In the end, General Dynamics fucked the production up so badly that hardly any F-111’s were ever actually used. McNamara and Johnson. Holy.Crap.Duck they were bad!


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