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So, What Changed?

It’s the video below, not Fat Black’s.

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  1. Made herself rich being a fraud. Took advantage of a feckless GOP and insider training. Escaped to a conservative state in a $25M mansion on the beach with no worries about rising tides from climate change.

    You gotta hand it to her. Great work if you can “qualify”.

  2. What changed? Forecasts showed that the Dem Potty would permanently become the minority, but they could prevent that by massive importation of unskilled 3rd world peons and give them goodies.

  3. Did anyone catch the benny Johnson speech at turning point this year? That was a flipping hilarious speech. been looking for a video of it on line haven’t found it yet.

  4. Democrats have no principles except to be the party of Satan. They are as a flag in the wind to change direction at every puff and flagellation.

    They are a despicable scourge what must be stricken from the earth.

  5. I watched the entire Jack Black one, only because the tweet said ‘he demolishes Trump’. He only talked about himself! There was no discussion of why Trump is bad and Biden good. Because they never have a cogent argument for their guy.

  6. It’s the second video, the Pelosi one, that is featured here. Not the Jack Black one.

    Fur’s only instruction: “It’s the video below, not Fat Black’s.”

    They say whatever they think will get them power. They don’t really care about anything but thAt. Demonize the right and lie to your face about everything. That’s about it.

  7. What Changed?

    1) She NEEDS workers for her Vineyards & Properties in Californistan and does not want to pay for their Medical & Benefits.
    2) She needs to fill voter ranks & swing FREE STATES
    3) Drain Bammage from Grey Goose & Vino Rosso

  8. Muzzle ALL politicians. THen CAGE them and lock that cage.

    The longer they dwell in Office, the more damage they do. The stealing is only one thing.

    They’ve wrecked ALL that is decent.


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