What Can Brown Do For Malia?



HT/ Boobie the Rocket Dog

Malia has been roaming the campus of Brown University in Rhode Island doing frat stuff. Playing beer pong.

Huck a Hunk, I think, is a Frisbee team. I looked it up. They also have an Annual Halloween Costume tournament.

In this age of not being offensive, I strongly urge no one to go to the party dressed as this Twilight Zone character. No particular reason.Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.09.29 AM

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  1. First off you’d have to be at least 7 feet tall or know how to use stilts and carry a cook book and fool people into believing that aliens are benevolent. Yep, good costume for a democrap, everyone else would run like Hell if this thing came to their door. And as for Malia, is she old enough for college yet or just getting away from the old man and the old lady?

  2. She is a senior in high school, so this trip might be investigative in nature.

    You know, to see if she likes playing beer pong.

  3. Its funny. All kinds of silly people say Mooch looks like a man, but she doesn’t. She just looks like a typical big black girl. But now Malia I think does look a bit boyish…

  4. That Twilight Zone pic reminds me of those who were trying to tell Americans that Hussein’s “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” was a cookbook, to no avail. TWICE! Now our goose is just about cooked…

  5. Not to mention San Fran Nan exhorting us to pass Obamacare so that we could then see what was in it. Another cookbook disguised to make us believe it was but another way Hussein could ‘serve man’…

  6. Great call, BFH !!!
    That’s the kind of thing I’ll randomly think of while out walking my dog and start laughing like a damn fool.
    And as Stranded said, she definitely has all the looks and charm of her old lady.

  7. “In this age of not being offensive, I strongly urge no one to go to the party dressed as this Twilight Zone character. No particular reason.”

    No particular reason, my ass! Rod Serling was a freaking visionary! He portrayed one of the scariest monsters of the third millennium, way back in the early 1960’s, before it was even born!. Uncanny.

  8. Just wait ’till she opens her mouth and Mom’s voice comes out!
    … or Dad’s.
    Then we’ll all find out how far the road apple fell from the horse!

  9. Notice that, if Malaria stood up straight, she’d be a foot taller than the other two. Wonder if she can also dance the Watusi.

  10. Those black pants ain’t fooling no one Malaria. You were cursed with your Mommy’s big ass and no amount of dark fabric is gonna hide it. And it’s only gonna get bigger. Gang sign on!

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