What do you see? UPDATE

It’s a car door with damage at bottom. Many see a beach. Hardly anyone here did.

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  1. A view from the Obama mansion in Martha’s Vineyard?
    A view from the Obama mansion on Lake Michigan?
    A view from the Obama mansion in Malibu?
    A view from the Obama mansion in Oahu?

  2. When I was twelve I busted my bottom. I have horizontal a vertical crack. Like 4 buns in a baking pan. Not pretty. But I got a handy capped parking sticker out of it.

  3. I busted my ass one time. I had just recently wrecked a motorcycle going 55mph. I was going 55mph without my motorcycle, which I had left in two pieces on a telephone pole. I was skidding across a lawn on my ass and hit a molehill. At 55mph, maybe 53mph, when you are skidding across a lawn and hit a molehill you fly 15 feet in the air and twirl around probably half a dozen times before you hit the ground again.

    Anyway, I was certain my ass was busted.

  4. MJA
    I was going with the, “Make your tax deductible checks payable to the Hot Crossed Bun Foundation. You may know what it’s like to be half assed. We are quarter assed. And, it’s no picnic.”

  5. Al, I have to correct you here.
    Florida Gulf Coast has awesome white sand, not that rock strewn grey crap.
    Looks like a California beach with fucking cold-assed 60 degree need a fucking wet-suit-water.
    Or perhaps a British Beach?
    Fucking Brighton Beach IS ALL ROCKS!!!

    Yes, I am biased!

  6. @LocoBlancoSaltine — I don’t see rocks but rather some shells and shell fragments lit from a very low angle which make the white sand look dark, too.

    I’m a Florida gulf coast resident and fan: Sarasota County, and I get to the beaches from Englewood up to Longboat Key and places in between e.g. Casperson, Venice, Nokomis, etc.

  7. @LocoBlancoSaltine — John D. MacDonald is one of my very favorite authors. When my (now late) parents moved down here in 1971, their new circle of friends included him, and I got to meet him a few times on my visits here. He passed in 1986, I seem to recall. Nice guy, and an extraordinary writer.

    I just re-read The Turquoise Lament last week. ٭٭٭٭٭

  8. Just think, Jimmy Buffett & Donald Trump were both born in 1946.
    I don’t like Jimmy’s politics but I enjoy his music and beach persona.
    1946 was a very good year, war is over and time to build the USA.

  9. One more thing about Jimmy, he lives life as a conservative and his messages are conservative yet somehow he sides with ignorant rat bastard liberals.
    I’ll never understand it…sigh*

  10. OK are we all going to ignore Erik the ne’er-do-well unmasked scumbag’s story about his ass scraping the road at quick speed??? lol.

    Damn, dude! I can’t even imagine the pain.

  11. It either a boat facing us broadside, stranded by the receding tide or a submarine in the same position, also stranded by the receding tide.

  12. Uncle Al, my dad and his older brother were huge John D McDonald fans, there were always paperback copies of his books around their houses and they would swap ones that the other hadn’t read yet. They were also big Alistair McClean fans as well and of course Louis Lamour and all sorts of sci fi especially with my uncle whose books I used to steal as a kid from his huge book collection.

  13. I watch a ton of Westerns. Probably too many. I’m watching “Route 66” right now. Does that count as a Western? Good show, though. Got the 1960 zeitgeist pretty good.

  14. Well, I see a beach!

    What I win?

    Oh wait! Wait! It’s a damaged car door!
    Do I git some ice cream?

  15. “It’s a car door with damage at bottom. Many see a beach. Hardly anyone here did.”

    We still have Pepe on the right side of that damaged area.

    So, there’s that.

  16. I was wearing full gear, MJA. Race kit. Spine protector, proper race gloves, Kangaroo onesie. I was one of those idiots who did 198mph indicated on Rt 6 Extended.

    I walked away. My body felt pretty rough for a few months, and my brain had bouts of not working too well for a few years. People who have had concussions know what I’m talking about.

  17. Maybe that wasn’t a concussion at all. Maybe that’s because I’m an asshole.

    You sit in a meeting that you have sat in for ten years, and you didn’t say anything for ten years, and then, one day you blurt, “YOU are the biggest full-of-shit motherfucker I have ever met!”

    And the room goes completely quiet.

    I can blame it on brain damage.

    They didn’t know about my brain damage, and they called me in the next week for the meeting.

    Maybe it’s called hope.

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