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What Do You Suppose the “Skillet” Picture Means when We Post it With a Story?


32 Comments on What Do You Suppose the “Skillet” Picture Means when We Post it With a Story?

  1. Stoopid people who deserve to get hit upside the head with a skillet. Preferably a cast iron skillet. In order to try and find the Vacuum Release Valve between their ears.

  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight—- Yes.
    It means we want the subject of the story dead.

  3. Gee Wally, if I let the vacuum out of someone’s skull, does that mean they won’t suck anymore?

    Naw Beave, stoopid people always suck cuz they don’t know any better and while they should be in ignorant bliss they’re always angry… I guess at their lot in life always being wrong.

  4. Cast iron skillets are good for flattening faces. Also, you can hot-fry various meats to perfection. Try scallops in a pan with no butter or oil and sear all sides. Unbelievably good! Afterwards, use that same skillet (still hot, if you like) to bonk that troublesome mother-in-law or fat Uncle Billy who cleans out your fridge when he visits.

  5. My first thought I knew was incorrect but is still entirely appropriate: you’re referring to someone whose balls you want to bust.

    This is perfectly reasonable given a certain Spanish colloquialism. Balls are sometimes referred to as “pelotas” (balls) and sometimes as “huevos” (eggs). And of course, one breaks eggs on the edge of the frying pan.

    To repeat, I knew this wasn’t your line of thought, but for me at least it fits nicely.

  6. GM – Our “fat Uncle Billy” just lines his pockets with tin foil at Thanksgiving.
    I should take yer suggestion and tell him: “Lemme fry that up for ya”

  7. BFH 2:46
    If you want to do the job right, then get rid of that teflon coated aluminum “thing”, and go with either cast iron, or ceramic coated cast iron (think La Creuset). Either one “tastes great & lasts a long time” .

  8. I love my cast iron.
    No soap, important advise.
    A girlfriend did me a favor and steel wooled all that “gunk” built up to the bottom of my pans.
    I still have the pans!


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