What do you think of this guy’s rant about constitutional rights?

Colion Noir makes a bold rant, a very risky rant, one that has actually damaged his conservative creds.

How did they get damaged? Because people didn’t watch the entire video. In a short-attention-span, need-to-blurt-first world, this technique of his backfired, which is extremely unfair. I happen to agree with him 100% here.


8 Comments on What do you think of this guy’s rant about constitutional rights?

  1. That go-to-black-screen had me fooled for a second. If I hadn’t seen BFHs warning, I would have stopped it then. Glad I watched the whole thing.

  2. I watched the first half of this video and thought to myself, “How is this guy any better than the gun grabbers?!?”

    I’m glad I watched the whole thing.

  3. Colion Noir is a patriot. Because he’s black he’s obviously a target. I don’t watch or listen to the adulterers on MSNBC. Fuck them. Hey Joe. He could shoot you in the head before you even realize he was there. Something to think about. You know how those blacks are. Bitch. Love me some Colion Noir.

  4. Colin knows how to shoot, is passionate about the Sport, and is articulate.
    Anything he says is fine by me. He’d make a good neighbor.
    Pew, Pew.

  5. I remember watching the videos of Shirley Sherrod, Andrew Breitbart’s very first foray into news of that sort. While I agreed with his point it was easy to see why people were upset. The next day he was in a TV interview and kept saying ‘you have to read the entire article I wrote before you watch the video, and keep what I said in mind.’ – or something to that effect. He had written two pages of text prior to embedding the two videos – prior to, because you were supposed to read it! Nobody did. I went back the next day and it made perfect sense.

    Point is that anything can be taken out of context. And the opposition does so intentionally. It is impossible to prevent – but you can at least prepare as Breitbart did, as Pamela Geller always does – so that at least those willing to consider the entire picture will see the truth.


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