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Is There a First Name, Other Than What You Have, That You Wish You Had?

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  1. I’m not sure what I would rather have, but I can say that as of a few years ago the name Kevin was considered the name that got the most unfavorable responses from ladies on dating websites. It’s just a good thing I’ve been happily married since before dating websites even existed.

  2. I prefer to use my middle name because my first name was popular about 1890 I do not like it. It belongs to An aged Margaret Rutherford type. As simple as it is people mispronounce it.

  3. I wish I had named my daughter Tennessee; it would have gone great with her last name especially if she were a country music star or politician

  4. Sorta kinda. I go by my middle name and all I would do is swap first and middle.

    I might consider changing my first name to Phillips (with the S), in honor of Richard Phillips Feynman.

    …and there’s something attractive about NFN NMI Doe.

  5. nope …. I’m proudly the fourth first son in a line of 5

    my first son is named after his great-great grandfather, as the rest of us are
    (we had 5 living generations at the time of his birth, so genealogically it’s allowable)

  6. They call me Mac… some of them called me Matt? Most of them called me, “Hey! Telephone man!”

    I used to be, “Technician 366”.

    I’m fine with all of it.

  7. I probably preferred, “Technician 366”, which was spoken as, “Technician three sixty-six”

    Then I knew I was somebody.

  8. I like my first and middle names (named after my maternal Swedish great grandmother) but when a was a little girl I didn’t because my family used the diminuitive form of it which I really disliked. When I moved out and went to college, then work I happily used my full name from then on. 👍🏻 I think the names are pretty and they go nicely together.

  9. I imagine that crazy leftist traitorous bitch named “Lottery” Winner would like a do-over about now…

  10. I didn’t change my name, but I DID add the legal right to a title recently…

    …I gave a few bucks on “sale” to one of these outfits that sells 10′ x 5′ strips of otherwise unusable land in Scotland to rubes around the world (like me) who are in it for a quirk in Scottish law. Supposedly, if you own ANY amount of land in Scotland, you have the legal right to use the title “Lord” and “Lady”. I’m not going to spoil it with actual research, but I DO like the lovely calligraphy on the faux vellum document that states my and my wife’s new status as the Lord and Lady xxxx of Edinburgh. I did it mostly for LOLs, used my mother’s very Scots maiden name as well as my wife’s very Scots maiden name (hyphenated onto our very German actual last name) on the “legal document”, but it’s proven kind of fun at pronoun time when I can say that MY pronoun is “Lord” AND I have the documentation to back it up…

    …unfortunately, not being the sort to put on airs, I’m pretty inconsistent about using it. Mostly I use it for laughs or for buttheads. I haven’t had the temerety to put it in my corporate email signature where it may be read at the corporate home office by ACTUAL Scottish people, however, but that may be an experiment for another day, should I decide I’m done with them for some reason and want to see where HR lands on this whole pronoun thing…

  11. Brad
    OCTOBER 5, 2022 AT 11:59 PM
    “Okay BFH, your turn. I’m thinking Big Furry Underwear, Who wouldn’t want that?”

    …Depends on if the fur is on the INSIDE or the OUTSIDE…

  12. Speaking of “Mary Jane,” many decades ago I had a boss named “Mary Jean” and she was pretty neat. 25 years older. Gone now.

  13. MJA
    OCTOBER 5, 2022 AT 11:40 PM

    …Would you consider extending it to be “Katie Elder” to be a complement, or an insult?

  14. There are very few names that I wouldn’t rather have than the unpronounceable Irish name that my mom saddled me with. It is the bane of my existance.

  15. My great grand mother was named Zelma Elnora and she looked down at her beautiful new pink baby and named her… Zelma Elnora ….I think that was an ‘unusual’ name even in 1908….

    My Dad’s middle name became Vernon because that was the name of the husband of her maternity roommate…They hadn’t thought through that naming process…

    My given name ‘William’ morphs into so many different versions it seems to be 4 or 5 names in one…Sadly the last people to call me Willy or Will have passed on and I miss them calling my name very much…

  16. Brad the freindliest guy ever.
    OCTOBER 6, 2022 AT 12:06 AM
    “SNS, Well the inside of course.”

    …well, that raises MORE questions. Is it the soft fur of a mink…or the coarse fur of a possum?

    Or perhaps it references Furs OWN, uh, “Fur”? You know, a lack of manscaping kinda thing?

    …sorry, Mr. Friendly, but you started down this path, so I’m only running with the torch you handed me…

  17. Erik, I was Tech 13 at a company years back.
    One supervisor wanted to renumber the techs for continuity.
    I told him I would quit if he did.
    He dropped that shit after that.

    I love numbers and identity is important to me.
    Don’t fuck with my number!

  18. Erik the ne’er do well unmasked scumbag
    OCTOBER 6, 2022 AT 12:12 AM
    “I was the only Technician 366… except the ones before me, or after me.”

    …so, there were at least 365 technicians before you, or are the numbers recycled periodically unless one is retired like in a sportsball team?

    IOW, can there ever be another Technician 366, or do they just keep going upwards till the end of time?

  19. Will
    Iowa Dutch, Got some Gertrude’s and Giesberts not that far removed. Parents migrated west from Iowa and Indiana. Named me after a southern general apparently. I always wanted to ask them, WTF? Oh well.

  20. My Dad used to tease me that he was gonna name me Otto. Spelled the same forwards as backwards. But I guess Bill works.

  21. The telco started in 1876. I’m only too proud to be Technician/ Specials/366. But I’m not the first, nor the last.

  22. Maverick would have been a great name back in the James Garner days.
    However since Tom Cruise appropriated that appellation it changes the dynamic

  23. Erik
    OCTOBER 6, 2022 AT 12:25 AM
    “The telco started in 1876. I’m only too proud to be Technician/ Specials/366. But I’m not the first, nor the last.”

    …see, you added another dimension. Are there Technicians/REGULARS if you are Technicians/SPECIALS, and does each have an independent numbering system starting from ‘1’, or do you share the numbering system? What is the highest number before the cycle starts over?

    …its a technical business you’re in, and should follow some sort of logic in numbering its employees. Just fishing for what it is, is all…

  24. Buffy,not buff or buffet gust buffy because I always got beat up in school and buffy just makes just more humourous.

  25. Huron, Whiskey would make a great first name.
    Bourbon would make a great name for a Kentucky chick.

    Call me Tequila Loco but Whiskey is a close second…

  26. Funny, they just showed a pharma commercial with that ignorant, plastic Kardasian.
    Seems she spells her first name with a K.
    But of course…

  27. I met a kid named Clayton George. Last name first, first name last, he was George Clayton that sounds okay.

  28. Reminds me of when my uncle, Karl Jeczkeczkoviczski, went downtown to get his name changed. The clerk said she understood why he would want to change a name so difficult to pronounce. I’ll never forget uncle Stan.

  29. I’m happy with my whole name, but I had a different first name at birth. My parents found out a cousin born a month before me had the same name, so they immediately changed it.

    Really liked my original first name when I was younger, until I met people with it who were flaky, including my cousin.
    Now, I love my first name. Suprisingly, it’s used quite often in entertainment.

  30. Very happy they didn’t name me for my father.
    To be forever known as “little Dick” would be tough.

  31. When my mother was first pregnant and she and my father were considering names, they decided that if it were a girl she would be named for my father’s mother: Grace. If a boy, for my mother’s father: George.

    They found that referring to the child-to-be as “Grace or George” didn’t quite roll off the tongue easily so they shortened it to “G or G” and that soon became “Gigi”.

    I’m so, so, so grateful that my sister was born first.

  32. Different Tim
    OCTOBER 6, 2022 AT 6:27 AM
    “Very happy they didn’t name me for my father.
    To be forever known as “little Dick” would be tough.”

    …but your Dad may have liked being called BIG Dick…or not, depending on the emphasis placed on each word…

  33. No, I just wish people could be bothered to say all five syllables of the name I was given, or to spell it properly. Growing up, I would be introduced to new people who would say, “That’s a lovely name! What do you like to be called?”

    Umm: how about my lovely name?

    I learned early on that people are lazy.

  34. My mother and both of my sisters have names ending in ette. I’m the only girl in my immediate family without that and have spent my life explaining that my first name is not a diminutive of something more formal. I’m told that I was to be Bernadette. When younger I relieved that it was not. Bernie?! Now that I’m older I do wish it had been that lovely name even though I’ve always been content with my name. My middle and third names are after my uncles, Micheal and Rene’. And I have a second cousin also named Micheal.

    I know for a fact that if it had been Bernadette Michael Rene’, I would have been a famous writer. For a fact.

  35. …I wish those beautiful names of the past would reappear: Hazel, Martha, Eugenia, Eleanor, Helen, Ophelia, Clara, Ethel, Alice. ..

  36. ^ A bit off topic, but did you ever notice that there used to be a lot of girls named for virtues? Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Grace…

    Boys, not so much.

  37. Little Morphin’ Annie — That’s because girls are sugar and spice and everything nice.

    Boys, uh, not so much. Their “virtue” names are Stinky, Rocky, Frank, Butch, and so on. And most of their other names have been turned into vulgar slang, mostly about male body parts. Strange, isn’t it? I mean, now that I think of it.

  38. I never had a problem with my name until recently. Being called Karen is apparently no way to go through life.

  39. I’m fine with my first name, Charles, but never go by it. Since the age of two, my dad started calling me “Chuck” and that’s what I’ve always gone by. Granted, once I got into middle school and beyond, it started to become “Chuckie”, even more so once I got into the workforce. Oddly enough, no one in my family calls me that.

  40. My mom named me and I like not having a common name.

    What I don’t like is getting my mom’s short stature! Too bad I can’t just change that like people can change their names! 😉

  41. When I was a child, any other name than the one I have would do. Well, except Marion. I thought my friend’s name was worse than mine.

    It was very rare in my world to run across another like mine. Not as rare or weird as Marion, though.

    I have no envy of other’s names as an adult. I like it now.

  42. John Wayne was the first person I learned that also carried that name.

    Not sure of any others.

    But really, no wonder he chose a more common name for a stage name.

    Funny thing about names, you can make any name publicly good or bad. Marion may have become a popular name if he stuck with it.

    Unlike the benign and common Adolf at one time. Who names a child Adolf anymore? Actually illegal in Germany now.

  43. P.S. Came to learn that my first name was a fierce and feared name at one time. Albeit not a first name at that time.

    Certainly didn’t have that reputation in the 60s in America.

  44. Always been very attached to my name. Growing up, everyone always misspelled it, now all the millennials mispronounce it. My Christian name is that of an ancient Irish King. Middle is after a distant ancestor, supposedly a Scottish Laird, but more than likely a moonshine-running Appalachian hillbilly!


  45. I’m the third in a row and now there are five in a row grandpa, my dad, one son and now his son.

    But ya doesn’t have to call me Johnson !

  46. I like my name. It is often mispronounced, but that just gives me the chance to be gracious. I tell people I’ll answer to just about anything 😉

    I love my last name because it was my husband’s, but…my first name is long and my last name is 10 letters – all together, my name is very long – never wants to fit in the boxes.

  47. My actual,name, Brian was unusual enough when I was a kid that I would instantly bond with anybody who had my name. And the feeling was always mutual

    So, I made up a saying about Brians. Brians are like the Special Forces. We are rare enough that we’re special; but there’s enough of us that we’re a force


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