What Happens When A Society Doesn’t Teach Morality Anymore?

Oklahoma Wesleyan University President Everett Piper was on Tucker Carlson last night to talk about his opinion piece on why sexual harassment and assault has dominated the headlines the last few months.

I’ve read the piece and watched the interview, Piper’s opinion is rather straightforward.



Yet some on the left have taken exception to the piece Here

And Media Matters took the Carlson interview out of context (I’m not linking to MM).

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  1. his point is succinct: you teach gender-bending to 5-year olds & ‘the joy of anal sex’ to pre-teen girls, then you wonder why everyone grows up to be a pervert … smh

  2. Our public institutions never have taught morality. Private institutions have, but they are slowly being destroyed by the immoral majority.

  3. While I agree with him on public schools and morality and it has bred all these perverted insane people today, I’m not real sure what sexual assault and harassment honestly is. I’m also not ready to throw every man accused under the bus without proof. Personally I see this as an all out war on straight men.
    It has though led to rampant teenage sex, men and women who see nothing wrong with multiple sex partners, created gays and transgenders.
    It goes beyond schools though, is there anything on prime time network tv appropriate for children to watch? I honestly can’t answer that because I can’t tell you the last time I tried to watch a prime time show because it was getting to the point a gay had to be written into the script and we really needed to see some PDA from them. I can say my daughter doesn’t allow the television to be turned on in the evening. She says there is very little you can watch that doesn’t have sex, violence or language. She complains about cartoons all the time and how many of them put crap in them that a child doesn’t need to be brainwashed with.

    So although, it’s schools, the real culprit is the left, that is who is to blame for all of it.

  4. Jimmy — Our earliest public schools all had education in right moral thinking and behavior. If not the Bible outright, then The Golden Rule. Public school copy books were mostly based on morality and thinking/doing right. Even today, mostly overshadowed by Leftist junk, kids get awards for helping others and being good humanitarians.

  5. Obviously the Educators and teachers unions have their collective heads burried in each other’s asses when they won’t even acknowledge the FACTS that the overwhelming majority of the sexual abuse cases are happening with Liberal democRATs!!

  6. Someone I know works in a middle school. As this story was related to me: a confused female 8th grader from a wreck of a family came in one day and insisted on being called by a male name. The principal supposedly checked and said that they were required to do it, and guidance sent out an email asking her teachers to politely comply with the damaged girl’s request.

    My friend, whose position requires him working with sensitive legal documents, asked if he was required to also refer to the girl by the false name in these docs as well? More research, the answer came back no, not unless the parent (foster, agency, whatever) came in and showed documentation that the girl’s name had legally been changed to that of a male.

    My friend then said he would refuse to comply with the request she he knows (as the girl and everyone else knows) that THAT IS NOT THE GIRL’S REAL NAME so he refused to go along with the lie.

    Last I heard no one has come down on him for it but then, we live in what’s left of the South. Had this been almost anywhere else he knows he’d likely have already sued the district for being fired for not mouthing a lie.


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