What Happens When Homeless People Just Want to Stay on the Streets?

“Service Resistant”. One homeless man likened living in a shelter to a form of incarceration. So what happens to those who just want to stay living on the street? 

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  1. That’s fine; build them some streets out in the mojave desert, and move them all there. I just don’t want them in MY streets.

  2. We’ve had these people among us for years. We just didn’t notice them until the Grateful Dead stopped touring.

  3. As long as they do it on someone else’s streets and not mine, I have no problem with just letting them live there in any manner they want.

    It’s called being tolerant.

  4. Back in the sixties, we had no ‘homeless.’ They all lived in mental hospitals across the land. They need to be returned to a secure environment, but instead of buildings, just their beloved streets to live on (like a Hollywood backlot).

  5. Odin and Tony R–
    There may be a solution in what you say. Build a big “Truman Show” complex in the Mohave Desert and move them all there! It could be a great reality TV show. They would be so drug-addled they would never know the difference. Hire actors to populate the city and hand out money to the grifters. More actors to run the liquor stores and some to be drug dealers. The city already spends millions each year to “fix” homelessness.

    Or, we could just wait a bit longer until the flesh-eating bacteria in Long Beach moves its way north. Personally, I’m expecting a cholera epidemic to hit.

    BTW, I couldn’t access the link on the story. My anti-virus software kicked it out.

  6. The reason we can’t just leave them on the streets, at least with the current local situation in L.A., is violence and disease. I am fine with allowing people to do their thing, but libertarian life means that you hold up your side of the personal responsibility part too.
    And related – those living in filth on the streets are not the free-spirited, taking care of themselves type. Some likely need intervention, the rest, capable of taking care of themselves but not willing, need to be quarantined.

    Frankly the solutions are not that difficult. But libs demand that instead we build half-million dollar units for them, and, well, we borrowed the money (and gave it to the developers who lobbied for this plan) but the units just aren’t ready yet, and there will never be enough. How about putting another bond on the ballot?

  7. Democrats are determined to create “palestinian” type refugee camps in the US. It gives them a man-made crisis they can exploit to use as campaign fodder and promise to fix – which they never actually will.

  8. First the ACLU marches in, claiming that hanging out on public land is their right.

    So the next step is for the cities to pass rules and regulations, which can be as egregious as any condominium homeowner’s association. E.g. may not block others’ access and rights of way, must maintain the area around themselves in state of cleanliness, may not light fires or cook with gasoline, noise restrictions, etc., all reasonable stuff. (Living on the street is not akin to sleeping on a park bench.)

    And then you start arresting and removing them.

  9. Stop giving handouts to the homeless. The incentive will dry up and the numbers will go down. Most of them are drug addicts, most of the rest mentally ill. There are a few that had unfortunate problems. Provide a hand up, not out, to them and they will get off the streets. Reopen the sanitariums, jail the druggies, use less Narcan and the problem will solve itself.

  10. Don’t be too harsh with these people….These are the ones we will turn to to learn how to survive in the coming socialist utopia…..

  11. If yer not New York, send ’em to New York where they will promptly be sent to Newark or North Carolina.
    problem solved. DeBlasshole should be proud of himself that his idea caught on!!

  12. Round up all the bums, move them into the homes of the city’s bleeding heart liberals. Within a week the bleeding hearts will be heading for L.A. with their cars fulla bums. Bonus points if the libs drop their bums off in Hollywood.

  13. Liberals demand organic, cage free range chickens but reject the alternative lifestyle choices of our anti-materialistic, lower carbon footprint, free range citizens.

    Give or take a trashcan fire.

    Pick a side, people

  14. Homelessness is not the problem. Spending billions on housing for street people is never going to make things better. NYC’s “safe havens” do not solve the problems of aggressive panhandling, drug use and dealing, public intoxication, violence and crime. If you are going to allocate money, spend it on treatment centers, mental health facilities, vocational training and jail space.

    The other thing that needs to happen is to stop calling street people “homeless”. They are street people. They chose that lifestyle. My ex-brother-in-law was in and out of rehab, regularly. He was always a model patient and would stay clean for a few months after each successful treatment, but he missed the lifestyle and went back to it each time. He finally told my sister-in-law that he didn’t want to live a “normal” life. They divorced and she got a death certificate mailed to her from the City of San Diego a year or two later.

    We have created a special class of sacred cows who know that they can do pretty much anything they want, wherever they want, whenever they want, and get freebies for it (I realize I am also describing democrat politicians, but that is another matter). No wonder the number of “homeless” (and democrat politicians) has increased lately.

    When we, as a society, glorify illegal activity among a “special” class (homeless and democrat politicians), it is only a matter of time until the majority feel they ought to receive the same privilege.

  15. Here’s a solution. Everyone self-identifying as a progressive would be legally required to adopt one homeless person and take him into their own homes. Then and only then would progressives be allowed to participate in politics in any way, from running for office to talking about politics with friends. Progressives owning more than one house would be required to adopt five.


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