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What has Islam done for us lately?

An Israeli biotech company is developing a vaccine for cancer that it says can help prevent the return of the lethal disease for 90% of the different types of cancers.
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  1. There’s been a lot of work in novel applications of washing machine timers.

  2. Jihadi John has developed a new double serrated knife with a 14 inch blade that prevents the spread or return of any type of medical disease. Although this medical protocol is usually 100% fatal, there appear to be no other adverse side effects.

  3. Why, surely there’s something good islam has done for us.
    for example:
    Music . . . uh. No
    Art . . . uh. No
    Cuisine. . . uh. No
    Engineering? No
    Entertainment? No
    Space exploration? No
    Sports: Best thing I can think of is GOAT MOLESTING. And I sure wouldn’t count that as a spectator sport.

  4. Oh come on. They taught us how to crap standing up yesterday.

  5. Can we get a vaccine that’ll prevent the return of islam?

  6. Oh, didn’t you know? I’m sorry, I should have told you. They are building the biggest Mosque in Europe just outside Dublin, Ireland. ‘Tis going to be a grand place,with plenty of Muslim money for Irish politicians, greedy developers, and ,of course, wanken fuckin’ bankers.

    Most of them are lovely people. But some of them love to rape Irish girls, but that’s OK.

    If you like bullshit, that is!

  7. IronyCurtain , Got one. It’s main ingredient is lead.

  8. Only thing that will cure the cancer of islam is to completely eradicate it with extremely high doses of radiation. It always comes back with bigger teeth.

  9. The ISIS has found a cure for brain cancer, they have demonstrated it several hundred times so far…

  10. The sappers in my family have reported that the moslems even put dead animals to use. Seems the more industrious jihadis don’t mind touching a dog as long as it involves planting explosives inside the stinking carcass.

  11. MXYZ….. Ever been to a Muslim Hospital in the US? A muslim Symphony at Lincoln Center,? A Muslim girl Scout , or Boy Scout, jamboree?, Ever hear of “Muslim Charities”? Muslim Red Cross”?
    Muslims are just parasites, 7th century assholes, even the western educated ones are still hung up on 7th Century bullshit.

  12. I was going to mention all the fine art and literature.
    But Mr. Mxyzptlk beat me to it.

  13. Islam is good at population control and new uses for pressure cookers and black trash bags.

    A vaccine that blocks 90% of cancers? I want one! What a gift to all of us. There will probably be a fatwa banning motards from getting the vaccine since it’s being developed by Israeli’s.

  14. What about that Snack Bar they are always yelling about? You know Allah Snack Bar. BOOM!!!!

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