What If Climate Alarmists Got Their Way?

MIT did a study a few years ago to assess the economic damage that would be done globally if nations stabilized greenhouse gas emissions or even diminished them over time. They found a 25 percent drop in world GDP if the gas bags meeting in Paris actually got their way.


Economic growth for The United States would only decline about 6 percent. It’s the developing world that would get hit the worst, with China down 31 percent, India down 42.3 percent and Africa down 42.3 percent.



Note: This study was done by MIT, so scientifically speaking with libs, it must be true.

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  1. If they were really serious. They would never ride in a car, train Plane or bus.
    I might think about GW as a possible problem if they did that. But they don’t.
    It’s a long con…..

    The long con refers to any of a variety of cons which require more planning, preparation, a longer window of interaction with the con’s target and a longer period of time to execute. The long con may also require a large crew or a larger number of involved people to pull off the deception needed to relieve the mark of their cash or other valuables. Unlike a short con, the long con requires time to slowly draw the mark or marks into the con, but often results in very large pay-outs. Because of the difficulty in organization and execution, long cons are considered to be for experts, not the province of new, young con men.

    Of course they don’t see it as a con.

  2. I’m starting my Global Cooling Foundation, soon. We’ll be selling ice cube credits to the rubes, um, I mean the wonderful people of the world. We revere those stupid bastards, really.

    For a mere 5% of your country’s GDP, forever, we can arrange for Al Gore to say nice things about you. This, and spending that money you have given us for doing nothing, is of course, all we’ll do.

    We’ll also hire that bow tie-d science guy to bullshit the idiots into going along with this.

  3. If I remember the Kyoto Accords the third world countries (China, India, Pakistan and some others) were given opt outs of the carbon limits for a number of years (but could still sell credits on the open market) otherwise their economies would have collapsed and they had to be given a chance to catch up to those nasty western countries. In addition Russia was given carbon credits to sell at the rate they would have been creating themselves before the collapse of the Soviet Union even though most of that industry was no longer running. The whole thing is a huge leftist progressive scam and this Paris meeting will probably be worse now that Canada no longer has a strong PM to defend her interests and the US has a President that is on the side of America’s enemy. Geezuz, where the hell is ISIS when you really need them. Ahh, who am I kidding those bastards know a good thing when they see it and aren’t likely to upset that applecart.

  4. Save the planet, kill ourelves seems to be the envirowhackos mantra. To that I say, them first. Take a few backward mooslimes.with them.

  5. To give a little perspective to that 25% GDP drop, the GDP during the Great Depression period from 1929 to 1933 dropped 26.5%.

  6. Replace the term global warming with anything else: aliens, bigfoot, cosmic bombardment of Z waves, It has the same provability, none,
    It is on par with astrology, Iridology, and Pyramid power

  7. The globullists’ predictions won’t occur for 100+ years — after we’re all dead and gone and can’t call them liars. Their progeny, playing the long game, will continue the con on our descedants.

  8. India and Africa are going to figure out pretty quickly that the real goal is to set up a situation where they suffer mass starvation in their regions from energy starvation and economic destruction. China & Russia will be smart enough to form a coalition with India and many African states to tell the US and EU to go fuck themselves, at which point, our insane oligarchs will have to focus on fucking their own societies over, eventually leading to them all setting off huge unrest in the US and EU. It’s almost as if the current US and EU leadership class are actually all doing the bidding of Russia and China, because everything they’re doing pretty much guarantees that much of the world would rather do business with them and not us.

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