What if…There Was A Second Civil War

A Youtube video went up a couple of days ago that took an honest look at how the two sides would fair if Democrats and Republicans fought another civil war. The analysis is pretty good, given that it starts from the county election map and not the state.


I don’t think it would be much of a war but more of a purge.

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  1. The author never takes account for Militias. While they estimate memberships at around 250,000 these people can provide for immediate command and control. Oathekeepers and the Three Percenters fall in that same category. The number of trained tactical shooters has exploded in the last 8 years. All conservatives. This would be over before it started and yes it would be a purge.

  2. …and also VERY Wishful Thinking, from someone who seems to have virtually *no* substantial experience with warfare.

  3. PS

    I’ve seen several articles on this subject in the last month and this guys geographical boundaries seem to be pretty logical. Everything else I’ve read seems to think division will be by state lines. It won’t.

  4. On one side are the ones with something like a zillion bullets.
    On the other, they can’t decide which bathroom to use.
    I predict a purging bloodbath.

  5. After listening to the gay robot for a few minutes, I became distracted by a video in the YouTube sidebar called, “Oh No, I Started An Ant War” and watched that one instead. Of course, that one was narrated by a gay Canadian robot but that’s another story.

  6. I’m probably a little too old to be on the front lines (try shooting a rifle with bifocals on), and no sir, I don’t know nuthin bout them Antifa bodies piled up just outside my property lines!

  7. I don’t think there will be a Civil War like the last one. As I remember the South produced a document called the Declaration of Causes which was basically a declaration of war. I see more of very bloody hot spots in liberal thresh holds. First up, Bezerkly. Some of the Militias I wrote about above don’t like watching our side bitch slapped and set up like last week end in Berkley. I now this mentality I’ve sold them guns, and shot with them. Honestly it pisses me off too. Conservatives are set up by Mayors and Police Chiefs that lean hard left. I predict an all out slaughter on Antifa and the LEO that are determined to protect them soon. Nobody like getting kicked. It may happen more than once. But it’s not that tough tactically to set up all these bastards in a really cool crossfire. After the first one this may happen a few times before the Black Block, BLM, and Antifa decide they don’t like bleeding. What happens after that however might cause an honest to Gawd civil war. An attempt to prosecute our people would not go over well.

  8. Those in the comments who think the Dem cities would stand a chance hang their hat on being young with a larger population.

    They had little to counter the fact that their cities have disarmed themselves and because they’ve avoided military service since the draft they would be woefully short on experience.

    It’d be a bloody slaughter when the tried to leave the cities and a brutal siege in their cities ending with Dem leaders hanging from lamp post after the entitled riot in their own streets once they ran out of breakfast cereal and Starbucks.

  9. The purge should include the MSM as well as all the liberal judges and professors that have screwed up this country!

  10. Snowflakes flee at the site of a banana peel in a tree! There is zero chance any of them can face any real adversity. We have most of the guns and all of the brains on our side. so much for the Dems counting on the young sheeple to carry the day.

  11. Dr. Tar.
    That intercity populations is not use to shots fired back. Not that we are, but we are taught to make a small target and get off the X. Considering we don’t hold our autos parallel to the ground, that’s probably more than enough.

  12. I like these hopeful memes. Of course, I think the problem with the Khmer Rouge was being Luddites. So, there ya go.

  13. The puppetmasters like Soros would love to have a Boston Massacre where conservatives ( Nazis, racists, white supremacists) can be baited or prodded into opening fire on the Antifa sacrificial lambs. A good high body count, Trayvon Martin times x 100.
    CNN nonstop with crying Boomer parents mourning their lost “heroes murdered standing against racism”.

    This is what Bloomberg, Soros, Obama appointees, Dem Commie mayors and Clinton judges are all salivating for.

    Don’t walk into the trap.
    Better to let Trump declare Antifa a terror group and let the Feds round them up.

    My Lefty friends are all grown tired of Antifa and violence. Don’t transform Antifa into #Martyrs of The Resistance.

    Let the Feds round them up, and the IRS make their donors squeal.

  14. Rufus

    I can guarantee you there;s at last twelve people waiting to get a clear 1K shot at Soro’s. Only two are USA citizens.

  15. We Would Undoubtedly Take The Imperial County ! Rest Assured.
    The Dem’s Have To Get From The Coast Through The Inland Valleys, and That’s Not Gonna Happen ! They Would’nt Survive The Heat Anyways !!!
    I Don’t Think They Could Get San Diego, Without Lost Angeles Help !!!

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