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What is Your New Year Resolution?

Mine is to stop being so condescending… (that means talking down to you)

Okay, old joke, but still good.

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  1. I never made resolutions, but this year I’m going to find more pleasant interweb things to watch/read. I have enjoyed the Chef Jean-Pierre videos, as well as any animal videos and pics because it breaks up the anger I’ve developed watching our beloved country turn to shit.

  2. I really hadn’t made one, but if it’s not too late I think I’ll resolve to stop trying to stifle my laughter when I feel like laughing at people who need/deserve to be laughed at.

  3. The list is long.

    First things first. Retirement on Jan 6 from this do nothing government job. It’s awful.
    Then apply for Social Security and Medicare to try to get back some of the thousands that were confiscated from me since I was 15.

    Then I will find a job I actually like, on a part time basis. I have a variety of skills.

    Then it will involve politics and public service.

    Oh and eliminating a few remaining vices.

    The list is long.

  4. For instance, I am working hard to get Brad from Five Times August to do a fundraiser concert at Gourmeltz for Matt Strickland, who defied COVID restrictions and has been punished by big government. He’s running for the Virginia Assembly. A perfect fit.
    If you haven’t heard Five Times August/Silent War, look it up. Outstanding.

  5. A Resolution:

    Watch FOX News and recognize that more than half of their plastic faced crew are really pitching different plans than what is portrayed or sold.

    That’s a resolution an am sticking to it.

    Money and Employ-ability for Money Farmers, err, Earners
    That’s their Ticket

    Not Mine

  6. I resolved to lower my expectations.

    It’s more of a reality check than a resolution.

    Actually, I would be so grateful for an ordinary year, in which I could make and execute a few plans without reality shifting on its axis. And a little boredom here and there. I miss being bored.

  7. To not be surprised when the shooting starts.

    To embrace my core values with even more tenacity since society has deemed them antiquated and dangerous.

    And to read more fiction.

  8. I resolve to try to find a spark of decency, a shred of humanity, or any morals whatsoever in any of the Bidens to try to spare the wrath of God one more time.

  9. I resolve to stop questionig the decline of the FUSA. Like Brad did, I’m changing my moniker. Hear me, my chiefs! From where the sun now stands, I will G.A.S. no more forever.

  10. I hope my life’s circumstances make a New Year’s resolution and start treating me more favorably.

    And trust me, I literally went out of 2022 with another dream job! “It ain’t work if you love what you do.” 🥳

  11. I watched a video from Dennis Prager where he said that New Year’s resolutions are good even if you break them because they show that you recognize that you have room for improvement.

    As for me, I want to write more this year. I have two blogs that I write for (one is mine alone, the other is virtually mine alone). I also want to write stories and read more. I also want to be better to my wonderful wife.

  12. “I watched a video from Dennis Prager where he said that New Year’s resolutions are good even if you break them because they show that you recognize that you have room for improvement.”

    Lifes taught me I can’t wait to implement change on some annual time line. Lifes getting to short. Plus the changes I might make might impact my life span. Assess, make changes constantly. I can’t help you with the rest.

  13. Brad, Prager was talking about something that many people do. He commented how even if many people break what they resolve to do as many people do, the fact is that they recognize that they have room for improvement and take the new year as an opportunity for self reflection as many people do.

    If you choose to do it on the second Tuesday of each month, or every day of the year, is not the point. It is that people take an opportunity, whatever that opportunity may be, to recognize the need for self improvement.

  14. Read someplace that…

    Resolutions like clay pigeons are made to be broken. By the simple fact that you have to resolve to do something states that you do not want to do it and are thus doomed to failure.

    Or something like that…


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