What Makes Alec Baldwin Most Liable? Hiring Incompetents To Handle Guns On Set, Or Pulling The Trigger?

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I wrote about how the armorer on the set of the film Rust was nervous and doubted her abilities. That doesn’t mean she was at fault and I mentioned to keep an eye out because the Left will weaponize these remarks to protect Alec Baldwin, who accidentally shot and killed the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, last week. No matter what was said, Baldwin pulled the trigger. He took another director’s word that it was safe. He didn’t check for himself—and a woman is now dead. Joel Souza, the director, was also injured in the incident.  Yet, Dana Loesch was first to fire the warning flare about the liberal media’s predictable pivot. More

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    Jesus H. Christ.




    Then all the other liabilities…

    But I’m a disarmed canadian who switched to archery so what do i know.

  2. I have had people online tell me that rules prohibited Baldwin from checking to see if the gun was loaded, and that he is not responsible for pointing the gun at someone and pulling the trigger, unless you suggest that people are saying that he was not responsible for pointing the gun at someone and pulling the trigger, in which case you are silly for suggesting that anyone is saying that, except that Baldwin is the victim here.

    He was the person who fired the gun. He was the producer who sets the tone for how things are done on the movie set. If James Woods had done such a thing, not that he would have, the left would call for a temporary moratorium on their capital punishment ban and would call for him to be hung first and tried later.

    But Alec Baldwin? No way.

  3. He’s guilty of multiple charges, the most severe is negligently firing the gun and killing one and wounding another.

  4. I don’t see this as a mutually exclusive equation at all. He should be charged with manslaughter due to incompetence and negligence! If they could charge him for Gross Assholism I’d be down with that too, but that seems to be the Hollywood (ahem) caliber of those people these days!

  5. “… accidentally shot and killed …”

    Point a loaded pistol at someone, cock it, pull the trigger (or hold down the trigger while fanning the hammer) and that’s an accident?
    I guess Hitler just “accidentally” invaded Poland?

    I smell BULLSHIT!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. For perspective, if you find yourself in a gun fight and send one towards your intended target, miss, but kill someone behind them, YOU WILL BE CHARGED with involuntary man slaughter. That’s why the spend so much time in those tacty cool classes reminding you to check your back stop. This happens a couple times a year. Precedence has been set. I don’t see him walking away from this.

  7. Brad: I saw the press conference yesterday with the (female) DA. She is a stereotype. Baldwin may very well walk away from this.

  8. I’ve read elsewhere that some of the crew were shooting live rounds with these guns off-set for target practice. I think Baldwin will end up having to pay a lot of money, but the blame will land mostly on the “armorer.” Is he still responsible to check the weapon when he picks it up? Yes. Anyone else would be.

  9. The total disregard of the rules of handgun safety are all on Baldwin. He pointed the gun directly at someone (against the Motion Picture production Rules from what I understand) and pulled the trigger.

  10. Tony R

    I guess I wouldn’t be shocked. But it would establish just how fucked up our justice system is. When someone like Baldwin becomes part of the protected class it’s time to do away with our justice system. Because in reality we don’t have one anyway.

  11. He was part of the production team. He has 30-40 years of experience and knew live ammo was on the set and shouldn’t have been. He likely knew the same guns used for target practice were the props. He knew they were cutting corners and not following union rules and safety protocols and hence had staff walk outs. And he carelessly didn’t check the weapon and he aimed it directly at someone. So many reason to choose from for holding him responsible.

  12. He’s a democratic, no standing, next. Ten to one he’ll be back on Saturday Night Live impersonating your favorite ex-loser before the years out, he has that down pat.

  13. Oh, he’ll beat the criminal wrap alright: Privileged Hollywood Democrat. But he sure as hell isn’t going to win in Civil Court. That is going to hurt. The poor darling.

  14. This reminds me of that 90’s Showtime series, “Dead Man’s Gun.” Gun went from owner to owner usually with bad consequences for those that mistreated others.

  15. The corner cutting by Baldwin and the lackadaisical way he handled the firearm TOGETHER add up to a serious charge of negligent homicide; ie involuntary manslaughter

    One bolsters the other. He cut corners and hired a woefully unqualified armorer. So he knows that the weapon might not be safe, and that he ought not be fucking around with as if it were a squirt gun. So he cant say he justifiedly relied on his safety expert. That double whammy should do him in

    Of course, there will be a wrongful death suit as well. That one’s a slam dunk

  16. Several people are civilly liable, but Baldwin is the only one criminally liable. All that negligence could have occurred and nobody injured if he had waited to pull the trigger until everybody was out from behind behind the camera and it was being controlled remotely.

  17. Baldwin’s at fault. He must have carelessly waved that loaded gun around like a drunk toddler. No doubt he was high at the time and that’s not an excuse. It just makes his actions even more negligent.
    Still, he shot and killed someone – never followed safety protocols. He’s responsible for any civil and/or criminal charges that apply. Plain and simple.

  18. There may be reasons to point a gun at someone without intending to kill such as making a mugger or rapist back off. There is no reason to pull the trigger unless you intend to kill. Criminally negligent homocide at the very least.

  19. Lots of drug use on set. Allegedly. Everyone hopped up on cocaine to keep up with the arduous production schedule. I wonder if the people involved in the handling of the gun (including Baldwin) were given a drug test. Is that not standard operating procedure following a workplace “accident”?

  20. Just wondering how many peeps have been shot and killed on a John Wicks set? None. Why? They’re all people that love and respect guns. Just think of the amount of rounds one of those movies goes thru compared to this faggot western.


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