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What Portland’s ‘defund the police’ looks like

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

One Portland Police Station in North Portland on MLK Blvd. was boarded up on every single window.  This station is right across the street from the Portland Boys & Girls Club.  This is what happens when you defund police while letting 80% of rioters go free.  Rioters end up destroying so many windows that it becomes unrealistic to actually have windows. more

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  1. Windows are a sign of the ruling class elite. In the new Utopia there will be no windows- all comrades will be equal in the new windowless worker’s paradise.

    Windows is why Stalin, Moa, Che & Pol Pot all failed. All we need is another 100 million lives and every window broken and we can do it “right” this time.

  2. At this point just wrap all cop cars with ACAB “artwork.” Embrace it, just like they do for the faggots.

  3. ACAB – More like
    ADAB – All Dems are Bastards
    ABAB – All BLM are Bastards
    APAB – All Progressives are Bastards
    ASAB – All Socialists are Bastards

  4. I’m surprised there are any cops left in Portland. All that’s left are the old guys, coasting until their pension kicks in. But you can bet there is no “pro-active” policing going on, just Detroit style getaways at the first sight of trouble.

    It’s a common retort to come back with ,”They asked for this”, but sadly there are a number of good people in the Portland area that have been abandoned.

    There is good that will result; Democrat leadership is exposed at toxic and ineffective, and people are forced to become self reliant, to look within themselves for their own protection and well being.

  5. The defund the police and abolish prisons sounded so insane that one wonders who actually believed that would make for a peaceful society.
    Next would be abolish all door locks, security devices and CCTV, mandate keys to be left in vehicles at all times, women and young boys must wear easily torn paper garments in public, and it will be Utopia.

  6. Defund the police and take away guns from law abiding citizens. Gee, I wonder where they’re heading with this.


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