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What the #*$% did I just read?!

I’m serious. What the fuck did I just read!?

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  1. What will the neighbors say? Funny, how you never hear anyone say that anymore. It’s like we’ve all been too desensitized to stop such evil before it truly manifest.

  2. … and they’re probably going to serve their sentences in a women’s prison. Because that’s just exactly how a sane society works, right…?

  3. ‘heinous, cruel and depraved’ ‘quartet of darkness’ ‘discovered firearms, a high-capacity magazine and cocaine’
    Should be running for congress.
    Did they have a contract with Hunter?

  4. Totally expected this kind of disgusting stuff to happen. These guys who don’t know if they want their di@k or not wouldn’t be sicko would they? …and since they’ve still got it, use it any way they like. What a piece of human garbage. I hope they make quick work of him/her/it in prison. They could probably do the surgery he’s so conflicted about — with a plastic commissary knife.

  5. I really think that many, if not most, of these sick, twisted pervs think they can get away with this stuff by claiming to be a member of a “protected group”. Meanwhile our society is relegating our children to become prey for them! This has got to change!

  6. I started reading the headline and couldn’t get any farther. That poor girl will probably never recover.

  7. Are the troons going to the women’s prison? Most likely. There is only one cure for perverts like this. Death. May they be cured soon.

  8. Death would be too gentle a sentence.
    For all of them.
    Except the little girl, of course, whose life is now shit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Cuff IT to a 25’ length of chain staked to a 50 yard line. Dress IT in a thick woolen coat soaked in kerosine. Light IT up and see how much running IT can do.

    But then, I’m a moderate.

  10. Evil begets evil and is often generational. The mutant monster no doubt developed her own evil from another mutant monster along that same familial lineage.

  11. If it has a schlong, it goes into a men’s prison, preferably in main population.
    If it no longer has a schlong, it goes into women’s prison, and the female inmates might treat it even worse.

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