What The Latest Round Of Commutations Tells Us About Obama’s Version Of “Justice”

Vdare: President Obama is commuting the sentences of drug dealers again, calling it part of a criminal justice “reform” package he outlined in a speech before the NAACP’s national conference on July 14, 2015.[Text | Video ] He wants Americans to believe that he is righting historic wrongs, and he’s particularly concerned with what he believes are disproportionate sentences meted out to non-white drug dealers.

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Obama also frets about job prospects for the criminals he wants to liberate—it seems that racist white employers are loath to hire criminals. And he calls our incarceration rate “a source of inequity that has ripple effects on families and on communities and ultimately on our nation,” as if non-white criminals spring from intact families within functional communities that mesh seamlessly with the rest of our nation. [President Obama for the prisoners, The Economist,July 16, 2015]. What are his true motives and mentality?

On July 15, the president commuted the sentences of 46 inmates. It’s no surprise, given the president’s preoccupation with his own race, that 78 percent of them are black. Surprisingly, only four percent are Hispanic. Even more surprising: Only three are women. Does Michelle know this? MORE

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  1. David Horowitz was absolutely brilliant on this subject when he said that radical liberals are not obsessed with freeing dangerous criminals because they (the liberals) are bleeding-heart compassionate.
    They are obsessed with freeing criminals because criminals destroy civilized American society. And any way that is accomplished – whether it be terrorism, rape, robbery, murder, drugs – is fine as long as it tears our society down.

  2. Not so much that he hates them …

    just that they should all die.

    Sorta similar to Himmler and the Jews.

  3. To bad one of those Kenyan tribal kings don’t spank the shit out of that skinny monkey…then again, he might enjoy it. May he meet all the people whose lives were infected by these drug dealers and illegals in a dark alley sometime soon. Back Alley Barry is his name.

  4. Remember Clinton in his final days and those pardons? Obama is going to make that look like a cake walk. AAMOF, he’s making the final 15 months of this nightmare look like Clinton’s last week.

  5. With everything this little narcissistic arrogant prick has done I can’t help but think the grim reaper is down the road waiting for him with something very special.

  6. And there are hundreds more coming soon to a community near you. This kind of bullshit is what’s feeding the national mania among the black community that is going to result in race riots that make the sixties pale by comparison. This is community activism writ large, and a direct end-around of the entire judicial system.

    Stand the fuck by. If you think you have a problem with the illegal Mexicans in your community, just wait until they turn all of their friends loose back on the streets, en masse. God only knows which gangs these guys all belong to, especially after spending time in the Big House.

    Things get worse from here Boys and Girls.

  7. If a drug dealer shoots somebody in the course of dealing drugs, then lock him up for the shooting. Otherwise, the dealer is a businessman supplying what millions of customers demand. Where the heck did we get to the point where virtually everybody commenting here thinks it is just peachy keen for the govt to control what we put in our bodies? Raw milk: illegal. Effective painkillers: illegal. Trans-fats: illegal. Attempts lately include sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol (at least Prohibition was repealed).

    If you think taking drugs is bad for people then try to convince them of that. Don’t lock them up for decades for doing what was tolerated if not accepted until about 100 years ago. You know who set up most of the drug prohibitions? No? It was progressives. You agree with them? Really?

  8. Hey Unkie, you can really kill a thread!

    But seriously, I tink the numbers of drug abusers has not increased by much over the last 15 years. BUT I think the “war on drugs” has spiraled into a trillion dollar government program or sumptin’.

    Where does the money go?

  9. Where does the money go? Ultimately into the pockets of crony capitalists, plus some for the posh pensions of retired drug warrior bureaucrats and cops.

  10. …Obama is commuting the sentences of drug dealers again, calling it part of a criminal justice “reform” package he outlined in a speech before the NAACP’s national conference…

    Why the NAACP? Is Obama saying that all drug dealers are black? I believe this is a micro-aggression by Obama. Because if any of the Republican presidential candidates said they wanted to commute sentences of drug dealers and did so in front of the NAACP, the progressive press would be full of politically correct BS claiming everything from micro-aggressions to racism.

  11. Obunghole doesn’t like to be left out, or done one better, so he calculated that he could let African criminals go and be a hero just like the African jury who let OT Simpson walk after he brutally murdered two white people!

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