What Would You Do?


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  1. Yea I’d lift her up, and maybe hope for a seizure. We all still need to shave in the morning. That Fing bitch.

  2. A safety rope around her neck, for starters. Then some boiled hot tar and a pillow party. Feathered pillows. Come one, come all, justice calls.

  3. The truth is I would watch her intently and do absolutely nothing to help.
    Eventually her hands weaken and she falls.
    I then exclaim that it is a very good day as there is one less psychopath polluting
    planet earth.

  4. I would tell her, “I would love help, but i’m running late to my right wing conspiracy support group meeting”

  5. I’d lock and load.
    Cuz you know she’d be calling out those flyin’ monkeys.
    Dam, I hate those things.

  6. Tempting as it is to reply cruelly – like the several amusing suggestions above – alas, to be honest, Christian charity would compel me to do my best to help save even her.

    Bearing in mind, the whole time, that like the scorpion and the frog, she, once rescued, might well push me out the window for no more reason than my not being gentle enough with her. No good deed goes un-“rewarded” dept.

  7. The same thing

    Charles Bronson
    Arnold Schwarzennegger
    Clint Eastwood
    James Bond

    always did in their movies.

  8. mindful webworker, Hillary is as dangerous a threat to Christianity as anything we have ever seen in this country. She is currently saying that we need to change our religious beliefs to suit the leftist progressive agenda. She will certainly take your religious freedom away if she is not stopped.

  9. Set my camera to panorama and try to get a nice 360. Make wallpaper out of it for my office.

    Debating whether to use photoshop to get the imperfections out first or just leave it be.

  10. With each sentence, I would lift one finger……
    This little piggy, went to the market.
    This little piggy …….
    This little piggy went wee, wee, wee all they way to the pavement.

  11. I would sit cross legged in front of her, and I would say each name from Benghazi and smash one finger with a hammer for each name.
    If she is still a bitter clinger after that, I will recreate the scene from Star Trek.
    “I. Have had. Enough. Of You!”

  12. That’s such a bizarre image that I’d be sure I was hallucinating, so I’d get my butt to a psychiatrist without delay. Nope, no delays of any kind at all.

  13. You would have to be built like Brad to lift her up. All arms and upper body.
    100 pound dead lift from below your center of gravity.
    No way I could do it.

    MJA….that is really funny. I’ll hold

  14. Immediately warn all local law enforcement and military to STAND DOWN and arrest/relieve of command any that disobeyed order.

    just. like. Ben. ghazi ..

  15. My sinful side would love to tell her to hold on tight while I go and get the mothers of the heroes who died in Benghazi…….

    However…..the part of me that’s a “new man”, because of God’s grace, would do everything I could to help her.

    Because, despite my opinion of this vile woman, I am not God…….

  16. I’d get a chair and a nice hot cup of coffee.
    I’d look compassionately into her eyes.
    I would read to her,\.
    Chapter one from “It Takes a Village”.
    I’d laugh…

  17. I would tell her a couple of bad lesbian puns.

    When she didn’t laugh, I would say, “Come on now – where’s your scents of Huma?”


  18. Would try to help her by taking a cordless drill and putting screws through each fingertip into the concrete to keep her from slipping. I think some 3/8 self tapping masonry screws would be about the right size for those sausage fingers.

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