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What’s In Mike’s 702?

Congressman Thomas Massie says he would co-sponsor motion to vacate resolution introduced by Marjorie Taylor Greene.


Johnson calls motion to vacate threat ‘absurd’


Democrats throw Johnson a lifeline on motion to vacate.

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  1. Republicans are such wimps! We have the majority and we still act like losers. Why listen to anything a democrat says or promises. Trump will win in a landslide, and we have this wimp as speaker.

  2. Never underestimate the Republicans ability to shoot themselves in the foot everytime.

    The one thing the Dems have going for them is “Party Discipline”. But then again is is that Party Discipline that makes the Democrats the single greatest threat to our country and therefore the free world. Talk about paradoxes.

  3. Seems they have something on Johnson, or else he’s a swamp rat like the rest of them – either way we’re screwed.

    I suppose the deep state has plans to trap possible opposition into doing stupid shit that can be used as a leash to control their every move.

    Power corrupts… Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    F All Government…

  4. Can anyone explain the REAL difference between Johnson and Jeffries as Speaker? We’re screwed either way, as both would spend money we don’t have on things that do nothing to improve our country. And don’t give me any of that “well, one is a Republican” bullshit, either. Johnson is a Uniparty swamp creature, nothing more.

  5. Why wouldn’t the Democrats save Johnson’s speaker seat, Johnson has given the democrats and Biden everything , in return, we receive NOTHING for American interests and our National Security on our Southern Border.



  6. The Republicans in Congress are predominantly Swamp creatures. They are there to concede to the Demon-crats. President Trump will have to deal with them, so he has made a preemptive strike, by promoting one of the Swamp’s weasel – Speaker Johnson.

    It seems President Trump plans on manipulating Johnson a RINO tool and convince him he needs to support the MAGA agenda…to his benefit.
    This strategy may not work but President Trump knows if Republicans lose the majority, his term will be plaqued/stymied by a Democrat majority. We’re in for a rough ride that’s just getting started.

  7. Is this not all deliberate? Have not the republicans REPEATEDLY, REPEATEDLY, pulled this kind of crap whenever there was an opportunity to take action against the evil that is the deep state and the totalitarian left? Obamacare, house and senate majorities yet FAILED to stop it. The border scam, the years of inaction WITH MAJORITIES. FISA. 702. Firearms restriction (Infringement of the second amendment).

    This bullshit is NOT just bad fortune or accidental circumstance. This is enemy action. There are only a very few people in the entirety of government not dedicated to the destruction of the republic.

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