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Name a Movie Remake That Was Better Than the Original

Name one that was much worse.

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  1. I saw “A Star is Born” in the 70’s. I understand it was a remake, but never saw the original. What a stinker, I can’t imagine anything worse than the one I watched. WhoTF thought Kris K or Babs could act?

  2. Jason,
    Sorry, but the 60s Rat Pack Ocean’s 11 was much better than the 2000 Clooney remake.

  3. The Man Who Knew Too Much . Alfred Hitchcock was the Director of both. James Stewart and Doris Day play desperate parents whose son was kidnapped by International miscreants and the parents are trying to find him on their own.There’s a brilliant scene where Stewart thinks he ‘s closing in on the culprits that takes place in a Taxidermy shop in London. Doris Day’s Que Sera, Sera song was introduced in the movie .

  4. Worse Remake: 1966 Walk, Don’t Run, with Cary Grant, was the remake of The More The Merrier, with Joel McCrae, Jean Arthur and Charles Coburn.

    The remake paired Grant with a love interest more than half his age and made him look lecherous. And it was just bad writing.

  5. The remake of The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3 was complete trash. The original was great.

    Peter Jackson’s King Kong was way better than the original IMHO. I also enjoyed the True Grit remake more than the original.

  6. Already mentioned, but I enjoyed True Grit with Jeff Bridges a little more than the 1969 version with John Wayne although both were terrific. I also liked 3:10 To Yuma with Christian Bale better than the original with Glen Ford. Casino Royal with Daniel Craig was also very good.

    All three of these were remakes of original films that were pretty good themselves. I don’t understand film makers who remake good films when there are plenty of schlock movies with decent stories that are ripe for a re-telling, although frequently the remakes are not any better. For example, The Hobbit is a self-contained story that was really never that well done on film in the past, but the latest version took a relatively short book and turned it into three films while trying to shoe horn Lord of the Rings references and new characters into what was a good story in and of itself.

  7. I think The Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith was at least as good as the original if not better. Smith had far more martial arts skill than Macchio, and the tragic backstory of Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) was a punch in the emotional gut.

  8. Terrible remakes-

    The Out of Towners with Steve Martin is ridiculous. The Jack Lemmon version is far funnier and better made.

    Steve Martin also butchered The Pink Panther.

    The Heartbreak Kid was butchered with Ben Stiller.

    The Taking of Pelham 1.2.3 is a masterpiece. The reboot is pure caca.

    Psycho with Vince Vaughn is a travesty.

    Scarface is a great remake. Pacino is ridiculously entertaining.
    The Thing with Kurt Russell is far better than the original.

  9. The original Magnificent Seven with Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson et al was as perfect a western as ever made. (Yes I realize it was a remake of the Seven Samuri) The remake with Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington was pretty good but perfection is hard to top. Also, the original has a far better music score.

  10. When one considers what it took to make the original Ben Hur (silent film), versus the technology that allowed the remake, its a bit hard to bash the original. And let’s face it, when it comes to atrocious remakes, NOTHING is worse than the all-bitches Ghostbusters. And the original A Star is Born was in 1937 (Janet Gaynor and Fredrich March), followed by 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason (claimed by many to be the best), followed by the 1976 version and another in 2018 with Lady Gaga.

  11. TN Tuxedo—have to disagree with you about the Jayden Smith Karate Kid. Dumbest setup ever: 1) They are in China, 2) Jackie Chan teaches him Kung Fu, not karate, but they still called it Karate Kid. That’s just a level of insulting too much to accept.

  12. I am a little surprised no one mentioned The Force Awakens, which is essentially a remake of the original Star Wars film, as a candidate for a remake that was worse than the original. Sure, Luke Skywalker apparently still exists, but Rey is basically the young Luke and Kylo Ren is now Darth Vadar. There are other familiar plot elements: cantina – check, improved death star – check, plucky rebels – check, Rey inheriting a light saber – check and so on and so forth.

    The producers called The Force Awakens a reboot, but I have a problem distinguising between reboots and remakes.

  13. Kurt Douglas’ “Spartacus” was better than the Stars remake.

    Original “King Kong” from 1939 much better than the 70s remake.

    Original “Manchurian Candidate” was better than the Denzel Washington remake in the 2000s and certainly better than the nightmare currently in the WH (I’m really looking forward to the finale on that one).

    I’ve only seen the first “Dune” in the new trilogy, but I liked it better than the David Lynch version. I hardly remember the Sci-Fi network series, so it probably wasn’t that good either.

    The 2024 “Shogun” had my interest up till about the 7th episode, it has strayed quite a bit from the novel lately. I’m not sure how committed I am to it anymore. The Richard Chamberlain’s 1980s “Shogun” at first seemed to fade by comparison, but I’m starting to appreciate it more.

    The original “Ghost in the Machine” anime was better than Spielberg’s live action. The original anime “Cowboy Bebop” is incomparable better then live action disaster and I haven’t even watched, but I know it was trash.

    The original Burt Reynold’s “Longest Yard” was so good I have no desire to ever watch the Adam Sandler remake.

  14. Captains Courageous, the first one 1937 was the most accurate to the book by Kipling, I just really disliked the portrayal of Harvey by Freddie Bartholomew, Lionel Barrymore as Disco Troop was exceptional. I think the casting of Freddie as Harvey was as bad a casting with Kyle MacLachlan as Paul in Dune.
    Second one 1977, pretty good, Karl Malden as Disco, meh..
    Third one 1997 best for story line but it didn’t follow Kipling very faithfully.
    None of them followed the book faithfully.
    I go with the third, just on entertainment.

  15. I thought this was about remakes that were BETTER than the original.

    The Thing – original was good, remake was better.
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers – original good, remake better.
    The Fly – original eh…, remake really good.

    Quite a few more.

  16. BFH – Do you remember the movie poster from THE THING remake ? No face, just light rays around where the face should be. While waiting for a subway train on the platform I saw that poster where someone had filled in the face with a black magic marker as if Don Martin (Mad magazine) had visited just to deface the poster !

  17. Scrooge/A Christmas Carole – Most all of the versions are great, but I have at least four that are my favorites. The Alistair Sim movie is my most favorite.

    The Day The Earth Stood Still – The remake is a travesty! It totally upended the REASON for the aliens visiting the earth … to destroy the earth and everyone on it if they brought their warring ways out into space.

    The remake’s aliens wanted to destroy JUST people because of how we treated the “precious” planet. They were going to save all the animals in order to repopulate the planet after we were all eliminated. Like I said … TRAVESTY! Too bad Keanu Reeves was roped into doing that movie. I like him.

    BTW, the reason I’m so upset about this is that “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is my FAVORITE movie. Ever.

  18. Jay O – I apologize for not naming many times where the remake was better, it’s just I can only name so many remakes I’ve actually watched and so few of them were able to surpass the original. For what it’s worth, I found I agree with all the postings so far on this thread.

  19. After all, it DIDN’T star Whoopi Goldberg as the ugly black woman, right
    I mean, Whoopi is so ugly .. she’s too ugly for the role of the ugliest woman in Georgia

  20. @ Geni Bird

    Some scenes in West Side were just as good as the original. But the ending was not even remotely as good as the original. And that is the scene that won the original Best Picture. Thats an all time great scene.

    And subbing a Hispanic Woman for the Jewish shop keeper was lame. Why would a Jewish guy do that. Doesnt he get why the voice of tolerance was Jewish in the original (a mere 15 years after WW2?)

  21. Similar to anounamiss, I rarely watch remakes but I enjoy the Jeff Bridges “True Grit” nearly as much as the John Wayne version.. Glen was just soooo.

  22. I think The Maltese Falcon (1941) was better than the original made in the 1930’s only because the original is rarely mentioned, but the Humphrey Bogart 1941 version is considered a great film, and it is. It’s hard to believe it’s over 80 years old. But it holds up very well today. It is my favorite movie of all time.


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