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What’s Joe’s Clever Shirt Say?


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  1. This side out.

    This shirt property of John Bidden

    Mouth goes to other side

    Head goes through center hole

    One arm per each arm hole

    Cotton is NOT a fruit

  2. My fruit is hanging below this shirt

    The contents of this shirt belong to (image of Val Jar Jar Finks)

    Shirt made from hand picked cotton

    Wanna see my union label?

  3. This may not all fit on a shirt:
    My name is Joe Biden
    I have a stupid problem.
    I have been stupid for 65 years
    I am the stupidest vice president in history.
    I have proven, without a doubt
    That a Democrat can say and do
    The stupidest things you can imagine
    And the liberal grievance industry
    And liberal media
    Will let it slide

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