What’s the iOTW Reader Take on This Mofo Jones Story?

Via Jezebel –

Hobby Lobby has fought all the way to the Supreme Court over whether the government can compel a “religious corporation” to cover employees’ birth control. But it seems that as of December 2012, when the company originally filed suit, the company wasn’t so picky about its retirement plan, which invests in contraception makers.

That’s according to Mother Jones, which got hold of the company’s 401(k) plan as of 2012 and discovered:

Documents filed with the Department of Labor and dated December 2012—three months after the company’s owners filed their lawsuit—show that the Hobby Lobby 401(k) employee retirement plan held more than $73 million in mutual funds with investments in companies that produce emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, and drugs commonly used in abortions. Hobby Lobby makes large matching contributions to this company-sponsored 401(k).

Companies include Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Plan B), Bayer (the Mirena IUD) and Forest Laboratories (Cervidil, used to induce abortions).

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  1. The Mother Jones states “held more than $73 million in mutual funds”

    That means Hobby Lobby didn’t look closely at the holdings of the mutual funds they offered to employees through their 401(k) plans.

    Besides the employees themselves decide which mutual funds to distribute their 401(k) withholdings into. Hobby Lobby is not forcing employees to put money into 401(k) plans at all or into mutual funds that invest in pharma companies that make abortion drugs Hobby Lobby objects to.

    Its a stretch to call Hobby Lobby a hypocrite, but that wouldn’t stop Mother Jones or the left.

  2. O.M.G!!! They are scum of the earth! Pull out their fingernails, cut off their eyelids, pierce their sex organs with deck screws….

    Let’s check MoJones portfolio and see if they’re invested in any Koch Bros business. Now that would be a story….

  3. oh yea!

    so what?

    the congress exempted themselves and obama from the obamacare law.

    throw the red herrings and straw men right back at them!

  4. I would expect no less of Mofo Jones. They are just deploying Alinsky Rule 4 here: “Make the enemy live up to its own rules.” The smug over there must be suffocating.

    Also, Ace had a good take on this sort of thing yesterday, wherein a guy who makes puerile sexual videos at the expense of unsuspecting women is, by a tortured chain of lefty logic, endorsing rape. By their logic, If Hobby Lobby had investments in GM, they endorse senseless neglect and murder on our roads.

    Lefties are at their most ridiculous when they think they have a “GOTCHA!”.

  5. My take? My retirement portfolio includes several mutual funds. While I’m familiar with the funds themselves, I have little knowledge of which specific companies are included within the funds. There are some pharma companies included but I would have to do detailed research to find out if those firms sell contraception or abortion products.

    I would submit that Hobby Lobby concentrates on running a business and providing their employees a solid retirement plan.

    The story being put out amounts to a witch hunt.

  6. Hell, I’m invested in mutual funds and 45% domestic, 18% foreign equities and the balance in cash and bonds.

    I’m looking for total return and have little or no idea what companies are currently being held in my accounts.

  7. Hypocrisy is a big deal to the left when it involves the right. When debating the left conservatives must agree that hypocrisy is indeed bad then turn it around on them exposing the left’s massive hypocrisy on just about everything they do. It is a form of jiu jitsu that I use often when I debate a leftist. They are turned into a bumbling idiot when you entrap them with their own tactics.

  8. By Mother Jones’ logic in order for Hobby Lobby not to be hypocritical, Hobby Lobby should not allow their employees to invest their own retirement money in companies that manufacture abortifacients.

    Taking this to the next Mother Jones’ logical step, Hobby Lobby should not allow its employees to purchase abortifacients with their own money or to get abortions.

    Apparently, to Mother Jones, Hobby Lobby should break the law by discriminating and only hiring individuals who don’t believe in birth control or abortion. At least then they wouldn’t be hypocrites.

  9. A few months back I spent some time commenting and counter-commenting on the MJ site. I quickly came to the conculsion that everyone over there is a loon.

  10. Is the Federal Government forcing Hobby Lobby to offer a retirement plan to their employees or incur millions of dollars in penalties?


    The problem with Liberals is they are avoiding the central issue: Government Coercion.

  11. @thirdtwin – “…The smug over there must be suffocating…”

    Couldn’t have said it any better – except that it isn’t limited to just Mofo Jones. It is the number one affliction of all liberals everywhere.

  12. The left has no clue about how private individuals can invest their own money freely. Oh, they don’t believe in private property. You’re kids aren’t your own;your house isn’t your own; you’re gold fillings aren’t even your own and need to be redistributed after you’re gassed.

  13. The mutual fund managers pick the stocks, not the mutual fund share holder,nor the 401k administrators, and certainly not HobbyLobby.

    How many Mo Jones employees are on medical MJ?

  14. My wife’s 401k offers a bunch of age oriented mutual funds. Like if you’re 40, it’s balanced one way, moving to a different kind of balanced fund when you’re 45, ect. All in index funds.

    Index funds don’t pick companies based on politics.

    As for Mother Jones, Fascist Democrat garbage need to deflect, when they can no longer defend what they set out to defend. Just another reason the garbage of today’s left can not be reasoned with, compromised with, or even treated as civilized, anymore.

  15. “Hell, I’m invested in mutual funds and 45% domestic, 18% foreign equities and the balance in cash and bonds.”

    Pretty close to my allocation, except I ixnayed the bonds, a few months ago, except for some tips. After GM, and a growing conclusion that the American people are to go Full Deadbeat in mass, I don’t trust bonds anymore, especially municipal bonds.

  16. I better look over my 401k funds and purge any that hold stock in anything that might be considered green, pro gay, pro hollywood, anti religous, anti Israel, anti gun, pro abortion, etc., etc.

    I guess that means I’m going all cash.

  17. I believe the primary issue is the mandate.

    Employees are not mandated to participate in the 401K. Hobby Lobby is mandated to participate in this Democrat fiasco. The government is specifically prohibited by the ‘free practice thereof’ clause of the First Amendment concerning religion. Statutory law does not invalidate the Supreme Law of the Land. Congress shall make NO LAW. NO FRIKKIN LAW !!

    The behavior of Hobby Lobby through second parties is less egregious than the passion and zeal the federal government puts into the ‘establishment clause’ when they have bred a culture where schools prohibit mentioning Jesus, banning Christmas plays or a little five year old kid being told he shouldn’t say grace before his lunch at school. Yet they seem to have no issue when muslims and the Amish are given a pass on the very same issue.

    So if MotherF’n Jones wants to point out the Hobby Lobby hypocrisy they are themselves hypocrites for not seeing the log in their own eyes and those of their political allegiance.

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