WhatsApp Warns 1.5 Billion Users To Update Or Be Spied On


Facebook shared a security advisory on Monday, May 13th warning WhatsApp users that an “advanced cyber actor” has been spreading spyware through the app by taking advantage of a buffer overflow vulnerability. All that it took to install the spyware on a target’s phone was calling them through the WhatsApp mobile app.

According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, WhatsApp has announced that a small number of users have been affected and that everyone who uses the app should update it from their respective app stores as soon as they can.  More

The spyware has been credited to an Israel company, NSO Group that specializes in engineering hackware for intelligence agencies.  “NSO Group sells its software to governments around the world, in particular in the Middle East, a business that has given it a market valuation of around $1bn (£770m). This single bug alone will have meant millions of pounds in revenue.” More


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  1. @Horatio – that’s what I asked when Facebook bought them for $16B a few years ago. Obviously a huge deal – much more internationally. I have it installed because a friend uses it to send me photos.

  2. Would it surprise anyone to know that the government has a copy of everything everyone ever posted, typed, or typed and deleted via a keylogger on facebook?

    It’s a CIA app that you fill out yourself and do the work for them, suckers.

  3. Why is anyone on Facebook anymore?
    All they want is your info that they can sell to someone, and people give if freely.
    They are phisher of info, that is how they make there money. They record every key stroke you make and then when you put up something “They Don’t Like”, They Ban You
    Get off of Face Book they are evil and up to no good. Just look at Zuckerberg he wants to be our over lord.

  4. Fakebook I gave up on 4 yrs. ago when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and I was so pissed that I wanted to unload and vent my spleen but thought about it and said to hell with it and I haven’t been on it since. I don’t need to be broadcasting to the entire world what I believe or think especially if it’s politically incorrect. Fakebook can kiss my ass.

  5. Knowledge is power. Information is power.
    Zuckerberg is in the business of collecting and selling information and the best part of his scam is that people give it to him for free!
    When he was in college someone asked him:
    “why to people just give you all their personal information for free?”
    His answer: “Because they’re assholes”
    Look it up.
    Understand that before you sign up with facebook… or stay with them!

  6. Amazing! I’ll bet Facebook wouldn’t care or warn anyone if a) it was an Iranian company that created the exploit, b) it helped the DNC, or c) If they had invented it themselves!

  7. Minimize your exposure. Don’t download apps unless
    it is something you really need not because it’s
    cool. Check out the terms and conditions before
    you accept them. Many apps news sites want
    access to your files and information that you would
    be a fool to give them. Just like with your home,
    lock your doors.

  8. I go to Cartagena Columbia 3 times a year. Everyone uses WhatsApp down there. If my phone were hacked, they will find a treasure trove of beautiful Venezuelan and Columbian pics of chicas that I stay in contact with. Enjoy them, hacks.


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