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WHCD Spent 85% Of Donations On The Dinner Itself

We’re not done trying to end the White House Correspondents Dinner. Breitbart’s examination of the non-profit’s filings with the IRS reveals that though the organization claims its annual blowout is vital for funding journalism scholarships, last year just 13.4 percent of the proceeds went to students.

Either the dinner itself is getting more expensive or fewer people are attending, because that percentage has been getting worse over the years to where faculty from one of the schools, whose students benefit from the scholarship, calls the whole thing, “utter worthlessness,” in a series of scathing tweets. More

8 Comments on WHCD Spent 85% Of Donations On The Dinner Itself

  1. NEVER donate to ‘charities’ run by liberals. Never.
    If you think that the one you’re considering couldn’t possibly be ‘mismanaged’ by liberals, you’re wrong. NEVER donate to charities associated with liberals.

    It’s not a Clinton failing, think of self-serving evil rats like Biden, Pelosi down to the anonymous samaritans that steal the funds of the local Little League. It’s a psychosis of their ego, that they deserve anything, whom it belongs to means nothing. A psychosis that’s part and parcel of liberalism.


  2. No wonder they want to see Trump’s tax returns. He’s got to be at least as crooked as them, right?

  3. WHCD is nothing short of a bunch of journalists standing in a circle and slapping each other’s backs. Or a big circle jerk. You decide.

  4. “that comes to a donation of around $50 per attendee”

    democrats are never very charitable.
    look at their tax returns. used underwear ?

    still a lot more than the clinton global foundation returns to charity.

  5. WHY is WHCD an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization? Their fundraising and spending should be investigated.

    If Lois Lerner were still around she would deny their non-profit designation or NOT.


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