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When Biden Starts Making Sense, You’ll Know the End Is Near


Since as early as the 19th century, stories from loved ones, caregivers and health-care workers have described some people with dementia suddenly becoming lucid. They have described the person engaging in meaningful conversation, sharing memories that were assumed to have been lost, making jokes, and even requesting meals.

It is estimatedย 43 percent of peopleย who experience this brief lucidity die within 24 hours, and 84 percent within a week.

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  1. May he have perfect mental clarity to understand and feel every moment of his death, understand no one can stop it, realize no one will mourn him as they roll in his purloied millions, and most especially be able to comprehend the Gates Of Hell gaping wide to receive him into an eternity of torment he can never buy his way out of.

  2. I’m not a spiteful person nor do I hate those that have wronged me.I pray for them and hope that if Biden or anyone with his mindset has a moment of clarity that it may be the Lord giving them time to reflect on their past errors and sins,and to repent,ask for mercy and forgiveness. I’m no one’s judge and comdeem no one but I do tell them that there is a judge of all that we all will stand before and give account of our lives whether good or evil. Unlike Judas that did not beg for mercy of the Lord he betrayed but hung himself, the thief on the cross said, Lord remember me…

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  4. I rebember this time my Beau died on the crass for my sins. Seems like there was this MAGA guy, some whyspureme or summat, wot wuz selling alligztorz, and Beau tod him “Never Again”, and thatz how I ended up driving a truck when I was Governor of Estonta.

    Whut? Lucy? Cmon man, I ain’t had a Lucy moment in my hole life, I’m more of a Linus, get it roght.

  5. My mom used to make the best fruit pies, all from scratch! we’d go out and pick blueberries and we also had an Elderberry bush/tree that was good for about two pies/year, but worth it.
    Apple, peach, cherry with the criss-cross crust, rhubarb an so on.
    Boy do I miss her!

  6. Harry – Mom’s were like that back then. They knew how to cook – and bake! I used to help my gramma make strawberry-rhubarb pie. The rhubarb was about 4′ high and 6′ wide in their garden. Holy socks! And they had Red Huckleberries growing on cedar stumps along with Wild Mountain Blackberries (“Pacific Blackberries”). People don’t know what blackberries are supposed to taste like unless they’ve eaten those. And those bight red pie cherries! Best cherry jam and pie in the Universe. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We need pie.

  7. When I was a boy, my maternal grandmother lived in the house with us. She had early onset Alzheimer’s before I was old enough to remember. She was like a ghost in the house. Every once in a while, she would have lucid moments. They would last about 30 minutes. All us kids would gather around and listen to her and ask her questions, then she would drift back into oblivion, ghosting around the house, patting things with her hand as she walked.

    On a related subject, is Fetterman having lucid moments? If so, are they paradoxical or terminal? I think the Dems could make it terminal.

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  9. Hey Brad… We are okay. You can misspell anything you wish and I will keep to myself. Peace Man.

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    You totally miss the point. There’s a guy here that’s gone to the trouble of starting up a blog for people to discuss the oppression leveled against them from a tyrannical government. They insanity of the left. I make what I consider an important worth while pertinent comment and you derail the entire conversation based on my usage of to, too, two. Are you fucking kidding me?
    I think you’re a troll. Nobodies that stupid.

  11. Thats ok Brad. You can wear your tutu whenever & wherever you want, especially in Cal. Please don’t forget the panties one never knows when a unwanted gust of wind might happen.

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    And that’s what you encourage. Your the second Beta Male that’s attacked me as in that many weeks. Sorry, just like Popeye, I am whom I am. You should meet me. We’d probably be friends. I’m out for a sanity break.

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    So what, no comment? You do what you always do. Go hide. I know half this place thinks you’re one cool dude. Why not answer them with a heart felt post?

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