When It Feels Like Summer Won’t End

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  1. It’s 85 and humid here in the upper midwest, but never fear, we’ll be scraping ice off the windshields in the morning in about two weeks.
    This is life in the midwest where fall and spring are more conceptual than real.

  2. Central West Florida here.
    This summer *was* pretty awful (even the natives were b!tching about it all summer long), but we’ve finally gotten a couple of days with low humidity and highs in the mid-80s.

    There are TWO seasons down here: summer and paradise. FINALLY…!

  3. Utah here – it was still in the 90’s a week ago, and yesterday the high temps were around 60 with rain in the valleys and snow in the mountains! Now we’ll have a few weeks of the 70’s……best time of the year (temperature wise)!

  4. Downtown Columbia SC around the USC campus the UGG parade will be visible at all the crosswalks the second it drops below 60 in the AM.
    It’s hysterical to see.

    BTW, was 52 at 0540 today. Nice.

  5. grew up in the northeast, been living in the deep south since 1980

    the heat can be uncomfortable but the cold hurts

  6. We didn’t have much of a super warm Summer this year in the Inland NW. Less than half our usual 90 + degree days which was nice. But now the weather is definitely changing, high 60’s to low 70’s and a glorious Indian summer shortly in Oct., then it’s dreaded Winter time which nobody knows will be like this year. My biggest complaint now is the shorter days and longer nights. And then the dreaded end of DST (it’s time to get rid of DST and go back to standard time all yr. around please) and back to falling back an hr. with even longer nights. And the end of baseball for this year a week from Sunday for the stinking Seattle Mariners, but what else is new.

  7. Southern Oregon. Relatively mild summer, and cool and intermittent rain for the last 10 days. Summer over too soon, but at least no wild fires!

  8. I’m like the Florida grandma with the shawl. Would love an endless summer, but live in the snow belt near the southern end of Lake Michigan. Ugh.

  9. Snow Bird here.
    Wisconsin lakeside in the summer, Florida Gulf side in the winter.
    Heaven year round. The way it was meant to be.

  10. The last few days has been a rollercoaster for us. Imelda dumped 44 inches of rain in two days in my area. Thank goodness, my home didn’t flood again like it did two years ago in Hurricane Harvey. One area near me got 35 inches in 24 hours and it’s really bad for them. IH 10 is underwater between Beaumont, Texas and Houston with over a thousand 18 wheelers stranded in the flood water. Thousands of homes were flooded that weren’t during Harvey. It’s beautiful this morning and we are thankful that we won’t have to face having to rebuild again. For the first time in several months, the high temps this week will not reach 90 degrees.

  11. Their clothes were too dry. They needed to be dripping from the shirt hems.

    Around here, no one spends time in the sun without a hat, either. That will start dripping from the bill at some point.

    Sunglasses anyone?

    Handy tip for visitors during a Texas Summer:
    If you do the sidestroke while walking, you’ll make better time and leave less wake.

  12. Dadof4, I was in Texas, about ’71, I think. Vacationed with my best friend’s family to visit her brother somewhere near Austin. Stopped in Dallas to stay with their relatives.

    I never ever had to roll UP the car window to keep from getting heat blasted from the wind (didn’t have A/C in the car)! They had a rain-less few months prior to our visit and it was near 110 degrees.

    That night, we sat outside in the cool, 85 degrees. Ahhhhhh

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