Remember the Slow Girl at the George Zimmerman Trial?

What if I told you that the girl who testified at the Zimmerman trial wasn’t Trayvon’s girlfriend, and she wasn’t an ear witness to anything?


Filmmaker Joel Gilbert uncovers the true story of the shooting of Trayvon Martin that divided America. By examining his 750-page phone records, Gilbert discovers the key witness in the trial of George Zimmerman, Rachel Jeantel, was a fraud. Gilbert locates Trayvon’s real girlfriend, Diamond Eugene, who actually was on the phone with Trayvon in his final minutes, and exposes the epic judicial hoax.

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  1. This is something for Senate Republicans dealing with the Judiciary to call for an inquiry (Lord knows the House Democrats would do nothing). Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, might ask for a review as well to see if we can put some of these people in jail.

    What I don’t hear being asked is where were the parents in all of this and to what extent did they know anything about this.

    I think those of us who follow this channel need to go see the movie or, hopefully, a link of the full film will somehow make it to a post on this site.

  2. One of the biggest “Hate Crime” hoaxes of the 21st century.

    This one is the best example of Left’s use of The Big Lie. It’s how they got away with pinning their own fascism on the Right, their own KKK past on the Right, how they fabricated the Big Switch, and all their other Big Lies.

  3. And Treyvon’s parents bringing in the cash for their “suffering”.
    The whole thing was an orchestrated fraud created by pressure from the Obozo admin.
    Our judicial system has been an abusive and corrupt mess for a long time now.

  4. “And Treyvon’s parents bringing in the cash for their “suffering”.”

    Okay, so we can mark them off of the reparations list.

  5. Another fine example of a judiciary completely out of control.

    False allegation.
    False arrest.
    False witness.
    False prosecution.

    Where was the “due diligence?” The purpose of a prosecutor is (ha ha) “justice” isn’t it? Not false conviction for political expediency. There is NO-fukkin-WAY the judge and prosecutor were unaware. They, and the local police, were willing to sacrifice an American citizen (even if he was “white-hispanic”) on the altar of racism.

    So, where is “justice?”
    This “judge” and prosecutor should stand for their perfidy – and be hanged by the neck if found guilty – they abused their offices and failed their communities by their cynical, amoral criminal practices.

    The fact that they will never suffer for their abuses (in this world) should give us all pause – the partiality that sought to crush the life out of Mr. Zimmerman can change with the weather.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. not surprised at all
    tubby also couldn’t read the letter she supposedly wrote because it was in cursive

    “they” have deliberately fudged black crime stats & let thugs off the hook

    trayvon would still be alive, if he was punished for his crimes
    jewelry and other stolen items were found in his possession, & he got a pass

  7. “I guess a soduko book wouldn’t be a good Christmas gift for her.”

    A coloring book with no lines would be more her speed.

  8. Obama’s mission, besides destroying America, was to create a race war so they could call white folks racist.
    If only we had real journalism in this country.

  9. the fact that there aren’t a slew of them in prison for perpretating this is all you need to know.

    our justice system is a joke.

  10. @Goldenfoxx SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 AT 10:36 AM
    “Yeah I remember her. I laughed when they handed her a document in court to read and she said she couldn’t read cursive.”

    And the document was a letter that SHE supposedly wrote!


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