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When Will He Go To Jail?

Fauci’s department ‘HID plans to create mutant monkeypox virus that ”could’ve started pandemic”’


The claim: Anthony Fauci said in 2017 Trump will “no doubt” face infectious disease outbreak during presidency

As COVID-19 case counts and deaths continue to climb in the U.S., critics have accused the Trump administration of downplaying the extent of the virus and delaying crucial steps needed to combat the spread. 

While public health officials warned President Donald Trump early this year about a potential outbreak, social media posts claim Dr. Anthony Fauci sounded the alarm about an infectious disease outbreak years earlier. 

“Anthony S. Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said there is ‘no doubt’ Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency,” reads a July 10 Facebook post of a screenshot from an article.

The post also claims Fauci said the “Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease outbreak.” Users who shared the post also noted the date the article was published, Jan. 11, 2017.

Did Fauci really say this? 

A Google search of the headline revealed that the screenshot of the article is authentic and came from Healio News, a specialty clinical information website and was, in fact, published on Jan. 11, 2017.

The article, “Fauci: ‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak,” states Fauci’s remarks came during a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University.

Students and global health experts gathered to encourage the then-incoming Trump administration to “plan accordingly,” according to Georgetown University Medical Center. The event, held Jan. 10, 2017, was organized by the Center for Global Health Science and Security in partnership with the Harvard Global Health Institute.

Our ruling: True

The claim that Dr. Anthony Fauci, in 2017, warned the Trump administration of the likelihood of an infectious disease outbreak is TRUE based on our research. Fauci did not warn about the coronavirus specifically, as some posts claim, but rather, that a more general “surprise infectious disease outbreak” would take place.

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  1. He is no worse than anyone who uttered so much as a single syllable advocating for forcing anyone to be injected against their will. He is no worse than the bastards building concentration camps.

    There are a hell of a lot of individuals who are just as guilty.

    Every one of the sonsabitches should be stripped of all assets before shittig in their pants while being hung dead.

  2. “stripped of all assets before shitting in their pants while being hung dead” -JDHasty (“n” added to “shittig” 🤣 )

    Stop being polite. Let’s cut them up into 1″ cubes real slowly. They can shit their pants during the cutting and then be hung up as SNS wants to do.

  3. JDHasty
    WEDNESDAY, 12 JUNE 2024, 16:33 AT 4:33 PM
    “He is no worse than anyone who uttered so much as a single syllable advocating for forcing anyone to be injected against their will.”

    …except hes been at this for 40 years, developing diseases, finding ways to spread them, and honing his ability to use them to spread fear as well. Congresses change, Presidents came and went, but through it all stands Fauci trying to poison bodies AND minds.

    I remember all this when he started with AIDS. Thats one reason I never took the Coof Goof, Faucis act always seemed…familiar, like Id seen it before, and sure enough I had.

    The devil isnt creative, so hos minions arent either.

    They just hope to repeat when enough people have forgotten.

    And they control the media and rewrite history to speed that along.

    Just like satan tells them to.

  4. Like so many Government leaders, Military, attorneys, ATF and FBI who have broken laws, endangered and murdered US Citizens, there will be no indictments, prosecution or sentencing.
    Fauci will spend his $Millions and enjoy his government pension and benefits for the remainder of his life. Government is corruptible as long as there are corrupt Public “servants” leading corruptible public “service” employees.

  5. SNS. When I was at my prime to have a family AIDS was being pushed the straight people were at risk, it was not carried just by gay people. I removed myself from the dating pool and kept to myself and lost a great opportunity to start a family when I was young and had a good paying career, time slipped by because of the fear the instilled in me.

  6. Fauci is a psychopath and displays an advanced “God Complex”. His statement, “I am the science”, is very telling. Other than nefarious or destructive purposes, why would gain of function research even be performed with harmful viruses? Other than use as a weapon, why would anyone or any agency involve themselves with such research? Most likely others were (and are) actively involved in creating / manipulating things that very well may make humanity extinct. In Fauci’s mind it’s about power. Nothing or no one else matters.

  7. Trump’s admin needs to do a detailed study of how drawn and quartering affect evil government pieces of shit.

    And there’s plenty of fodder to feed the study.

    Could go on for years.

  8. He’ll eventually die of natural causes and be hailed as a hero by the media. You can bank on it.

    What’s going on now is what politicians do in an election year, nothing more.

  9. Huron
    WEDNESDAY, 12 JUNE 2024, 18:02 AT 6:02 PM
    “When I was at my prime to have a family AIDS was being pushed the straight people were at risk,”

    …thats what Im on about. He not only played THAT angle up to make sure fear was universal, but he also tried like HELL to spread maximum fear in the medical community.

    I was what the kids call a “frontline first responder” now as a FF/EMT, and hot DAMN did they try to scare us! In the early days of AIDS they were passing down dire and sometimes conflicting warnings, not just about blood but about snot, saliva, sweat, basically anything that comes out of a human; and they played it like the smallest contact could infect and you wouldnt even know it until you spread it to your friends and family. We even had guidence suggesting severe decon peocedures for any unit that transported a known AIDS patient.

    Sound familiar?

    …things were different then, though. We werent beholden to CDC guidence but rather operated under the aegis of a Medical Control physician, and at that time doctors generally ran their own practices and werent beholden to corporate collectives or the Federal Freaking Government for their pay, and licensure was a State affair independent of the Federals so doctors were freer to do their own research and, you know, actually practice medicine.

    As a result, basically what came out of it were changes in handling needles and Universal Precautions and Bloodbourne Pathogens protocols that actually made sense. We knew we had AIDS patients, sometimes they would tell us and sometimes the (pre-HIPAA) hospital would tell us, but absent a needle stick we were well advised to just treat them like everyone else, sanitize the unit after a run like for anyone else, and dont freak out if some sweat got on us, and it must have worked because everyone was fine.

    Believe me, Ive been hit with everything a human body can produce, and Im still here so we must have been doing SOMETHING right.

    But Fauci didnt have all the infrastructure then, didnt own the media, didnt own student loans, didnt have Obamacare to marionette the medical professionals with.

    As for me, I was a young, single idiot who thought he was invincible anyway, so if the doc wasnt worried then it wasnt going to bust my onions either.

    Innocent times. I was used to hospitals making sense. Crazy, right?

    But then, they mostly did.

    …I didnt keep anything because I didnt realize I was seeing the beginning of a tyrant’s arc, but I do remember the Federal Government taking every point on the compass about it. I wouldnt have kept it anyway since we had our own rules like I said.

    But had I kept it, the name on it, then as now, would have been Fauci.

    This isnt just about a few years of misfeasence.

    This is about a LIFETIME of malfeasance with malace aforethought.

    He has a LIFETIME of abusing his trust, spreading fear, and medical murder to atone for.

    Its too much for anyone but God to fully avenge.

    But that doesnt mean it wouldnt be fitting and proper for us to send Fauci to thad Judgement by the shortest rope possible…

  10. SNS early 1980’s we were warned anything, A sneeze a kiss etc. could cause infection. Ruined many peoples lives. In Canada they had psa’s on the public broadcasters. Fcukers ruined many lives.

  11. If I had ten minutes alone with that bastard, he’d confess everything. Just like he said, when you make someone’s life uncomfortable enough, they will do anything you want them to.


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