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When You’re a Collectivist You Simply Wait For Someone Else Do To the Hard Work

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11 Comments on When You’re a Collectivist You Simply Wait For Someone Else Do To the Hard Work

  1. Feel the Bern, bitch, feel the Bern. Shovel your own damned sidewalk.

  2. The neighbors on either side are making just as much of a statement. They’re fed up too!

  3. Why would they bother shoveling themselves out anyway?
    It’s not like they have a job to go to…

  4. They will be very happy until it is time to go pick up the welfare check (Obama stash money) and then they will scream at the snow removal crews!

  5. Gimmie,

    they don’t have to actually go out and get their checks in person anymore….They can just do it online with their EBT cards.

    They won’t actually have to go out until they want to buy steak, lobster, and booze.

  6. Death by Farts:

    Darn, I must live in the wrong place as my hale, hearty, strapping and muscle bound neighbor and her husband still have to go get their check! Maybe they can move to where you live and save them some aggravation!

  7. Wait until no one is looking and then start shoveling the snow on to Bernie’s lawn. Then put up a webcam to record the phun when he comes out of is house to bitch and complain! On second thought, get yer friend with DPW and dump the nights haul on to his lawn. That’ll teach him!

  8. I keep come back to this and it keeps me laughing every time.

  9. I found a Bernie sign in front of a relatively new customer’s house today.

    All I can say is, if you have so much money that you want Socialists to take more of it than you get to keep – then no discounts for you! You are voting to raise the price on everything so I’m going to give you what you want.

    My practice has been to reduce charges for regular/repeat customers when something odd comes up. Not for people that vote to make life suck, though. They will get full charge for everything.

    That “good customer only” discount price I’ll give like $150.00 spot treat for termites? Not gonna happen.

  10. Lived in two commutes in the late 60s and early 70s. Two people and I did all the work and the other people showed up for free dinner and pot.
    Those JERKS are now making a strong comeback.
    “You go to work, and I get stoned all day, and then I eat your dinner”.

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