Where is the left going?

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  1. They’re going to hell and they know it.

    So instead of changing their ways, they want to create hell on earth for us out of spite.

    …They’re like this…

    “to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. ”
    -H. Melville, “Moby Dick”

  2. I just left the ER. We are being crushed by COVID! It is the next worst thing to Global Warming which is just a hair below the 1/6/21 Assault on Our Democracy! 99.453% of cases are among The Non-Vaccinated! And that does not include recent migrants, who are – every one – pure souls, clean of body.

  3. Just recently I figured out something that I had overlooked regarding the subheading pieces of shit.

    One of the most important ways in which they differ fundamentally from Constitutional conservatives is that the best Constitutional conservatives have to offer people who are engaged in oppression is pity. Constitutional conservatives would no sooner be an among the oppressor class than they would be among the oppressed.

    I don’t care where you look within the progressive movement what is a constant is that if you really pay close attention to what it is that is motivating them it is that they envy those they are pointing their bony fingers at and believe they themselves deserve the power the other has to oppress others.

    They have no interest in ending injustice for the sake of ending an injustice, they resent the oppressor and envy their perception that the oppressor has something they are more deserving of, but have been unjustly denied.

    This plays into why it is that every time the sonsabitches are able to achieve critical mass and attain control the net amount of innocent human suffering, misery and death increases. To concede good intentions to followers of the progressive movement is never warranted. The results of implementation of what they advocate are unassailable, we have over a century of documented examples of where what they advocate brings without exception. No one could be so naive as to actually believe they are motivated by altruism when they are aware of what happens every time their cockamamie theories are put into practice.

  4. The situation is untenable, a separation is the only outcome I can think of.

    It is unreasonable, even un-American to submit to a group of people that does not share our values, to allow them to rule over us. The chance for reconciliation has long passed, we have fundamentally different world philosophies and each view the others as unworkable and dangerous.

    This divorce does not have to be violent, couples separate all the time without killing each other. But they can not live their lives under the same roof and in close proximity with someone that wishes them ill and hopes to destroy them.


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