Where’s Everybody At?

MSNBC Anchor: Everyone’s Drawing Huge Crowds in Iowa – Except Biden.

WFB: MSNBC anchor Katy Tur on Monday said former vice president Joe Biden’s lackluster campaign events in Iowa do not bode well for his chances in next week’s caucus.

“Biden and [former South Bend mayor Pete] Buttigieg have basically had this state to themselves along with Yang and a couple others,” Tur said, noting that the senators in the race are in Washington, D.C., for the impeachment trial. “Why is Buttigieg starting to surge and Biden not surging? What is going on with his support?”

Tur said Biden’s numbers were paltry compared with other contenders in Iowa, such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

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  1. Pedo Joe us a walking cadaver, even the Demonrats know he is well past his expiration date physically and mentally. He literally looks like a grimacing corpse because his skin is so tight against his skull full of mush.

    He is one meltdown assault away from oblivion, and the overwhelming gravity from the black hole of Ukraine is pulling him closer to prison every day.

    I predict he will suddenly pass soon from a mysterious stroke. He’s so desperate now he’s promising Manchelle for VP and the Magic Negro for the SC.

    They literally hate him. He was merely life insurance for the Black Jesus. Saint Barack said “find me the biggest imbecile to prevent my assassination, oh yeah Joe Biden…”

  2. biden is so dumb

    he doesn’t realize he is the “reserved sign” for hillary

    his job to be the place holder for her until the convention

    where her super delegates will put her in as the nominee

  3. Biden got testy with yet another guy who challenged him yesterday. He grabbed the guy and pushed him. Second time this week that Biden turned his campaign into Fight Club. Corn Pop got more respect than Biden voters get.

    Soon the only people who come to Biden events will be there to start a fight with Joe or watch one.

  4. Buttigieg will sink like a rock once the race heads South. Older southern, religious African Americans will not vote for him.

  5. Biden isn’t even smart enough to be Dumb!!
    No one knows what’s likely to come out of his mouth!
    The Fool is currupt as hell!
    The Fool can’t fill a gym!
    These poll numbers that have him way ahead of President Trump are pure horse hockey propaganda on the part of the complicit, knee-pad Media!

  6. People usually enjoy a freak show – a carnival act.
    And Joey’s that guy you see down at the Walmart Parking Lot who walks around slapping himself on the head while muttering to himself – sometimes digging through the trash cans – but always good for a laugh.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I demand a tooth count of the top 3 Dems.

    Between Warren, Sanders and Biden, could they get a full set of teeth combined.

    Cam we get some novelty Bernie Sanders red diaper swag? With so much free shit, you’ve got to carry it somewhere.

  8. “Huge” crowds? Others drew “over a thousand”? Trump got 150,000+ signups, tens of thousands waiting for days in winter cold in New Jersey. Where are the headlines.


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