Lindsey Graham Says There Are at Least 51 Votes for More Witnesses and the Democrats Aren’t Going to Like Them – IOTW Report

Lindsey Graham Says There Are at Least 51 Votes for More Witnesses and the Democrats Aren’t Going to Like Them


As the formal presentations in the impeachment trial of President Trump wind down, the jockeying is beginning for what happens next. Will there be more witnesses? Will there be a vote to acquit? Will there be some kind of bargain where the Democrats and GOP each get a finite number of witnesses?

And there is a lot of monumentally un-serious #Resistance porn floating around concerning Chief Justice John Roberts riding to the rescue of what can only be described as an ill-conceived bill of impeachment executed by a wildly incompetent team of House Democrats. They’ve claimed that Roberts can recuse senators from voting for lack of impartiality (this rule, apparently, only applies to Republicans). They’ve claimed that Roberts can order the Senate to call witnesses. Today, Resistance guru Neal Katyal is peddling the idea that Roberts can call his own witnesses.

You really have to question the integrity and even the humanity of people who can only maintain a following by deliberately and knowingly lying to people who actually believe them, but that’s where we are in our politics.

I’ll just remind everyone that the exact same rule and argument applied with equal validity to the filibuster for Supreme Court justices and Circuit Court judges. It takes a 2/3 vote to change the rule unless 51 senators decide to change that rule. This is, of course, the “nuclear option.” MORE

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  1. And if this were to actually play out in the way these people speculate, all Unholy HELL would break loose! At that point it should be unequivocally clear the U.S. gov’t exists entirely for its own self.

  2. Miss Lindsey is a political weasel. The other day he was commenting on the “impressive democrat presentation” and shortly thereafter popping off about it’s flaws. Jackass!

  3. I like Graham.
    Since McStain took a dirt nap, he’s become his own man.
    Smart guy.
    Talks funny.
    I get the impression he’s a true patriot, not one of those faux-Patriots like the Demonrats who pontificate about shit while robbing us blind. He’s taken a stand for the Constitution, for America, and for President Trump.
    God Bless him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “I suspect that a large number of Democrat senators, many of whom were not crazy about the impeachment to begin with, will be willing to take the ‘L’ rather than end up being the reason that Joe Biden has to testify,”

    Especially when the “L” means the Dems can screech that the GOP Senate shut down the impeachment because it was afraid of witnesses, and the Biden camp can scream that they’re CoMpLeTeLy ExOnErAtEd.

  5. Sorry, not sorry Tim.

    The RINO hack is gearing up for re-election. Those of us in SC see this act every six years. Look at his entire record. One or two “atta boys” do not cancel out this weasel’s nearly 20 years of aiding and abetting the left with me. They should’ve buried him with McCain. Kinda like a two-fer.

  6. WDS and Anonymous,
    No, I haven’t. I’ve got my own (MO’s actually) 2 Senators to watch, and, as I have a pretty low opinion of politicians in the first place, I don’t expect much from them. So if Graham does ANYTHING pro-American he should be applauded.
    Even Pelosi and Schumer, if they EVER (and it would have to be by accident) did something that benefited America, we should praise them for that instance.

    Yes, I thank the caique when he doesn’t bite me.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The judge is supposed to be a neutral party to the case before the court. How the hell can a judge force either party to call witnesses? Not legal, not constitutional.


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