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Which Car Would You Drive?- Which Would You Not?

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  1. Oh, right: which would I not. None of them, but for some it might be only in the parking lot and never out of 1st gear.

    I don’t think I’ve ever told the story of the hand-made moped that (*mumble*) made in the Medical Equipment Maintenance shop in ASCOM, Korea. It had an old but not broken-down generator engine, and it had only one gear…but it idled at 23 MPH (that’s about 37 ft/sec).

  2. said it too many times before … so many people got more $$$ than brains

    come to think of it, every one of these nightmares is a result of easy credit

    (once the banksters got government guarantees that the taxpayers would bail out the banks …. shhhhh, …. cough, cough, the ‘FED’ …. they didn’t care which bad loan they produced, ’cause no need to ‘risk it for the biscuit ’cause Joe & Jill Public would pick up the tab)

  3. I’ll drive anything as long as it’s not electric. Now spend my money on any of them, probably not.

  4. If push comes to shove, I’d pick the low rent, island(?) Partridge family style school bus with a Jesus portrait. At least I could live in it – just in case Bidenomics never ends and sets off an Apocalypse.

  5. 1st one in row 3. Reminds me Jaws in a Bond movie. The rest appear too low slung to handle Ohio pot holes.

  6. Ahhh … one of the beauties of Liberty!
    A man can express himself through his wheels!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Got my own, ever since my last divorce I’m been driving 3 chitbombs/money pits. I just drive the one that might get me back home at the end of the day. A judge screwed me with my pants on in court and it still hurts.

  8. They are all cool to look at,but I’m not sure if they would survive MI roads.
    Hubby is currently rebuilding a Pulse Litestar autocycle (currently,it’s in a bajillion pieces).
    I’m not even going to try to ride in that. My claustrophobia would be pinging off the charts.

  9. OMG, is that a Jeepney from the Philippines in the lower left corner. I haven’t seen one of those in nearly 47 years. Riding in one of those Jeepneys was always like taking your life into your own hands because the Filipino drivers are insane and drive like bats out of hell and don’t really have any rules of the road except to get where you’re going hopefully in one piece. Jeepney drivers were some of the worst that I’ve ever seen in my life, especially in Manila.

  10. Bottom row, 1st junkard on the left. I’m more into the Jesus mobile. Think about all the religious conversations you could have driving around in that thing. Reminds me of Haight Asbury and Golden Gate Park in the early 60’s. Actually, I’d drive all of them just to say I did.

  11. Beverly Hillbilly special and the squatty V-dub. But I would never get Mrs. R to ride shotgun in any of them.

  12. Goldenfoxx, believe me the Filipinos have all those religious symbols on their Jeepneys as divine protection from their terrible driving. Between the drunk sailors on board for a ride to the nearest bar or brothel and the crazy Filipino drivers, I don’t know which was worse.

  13. Cmn¢¢guy

    Vapor carburetors became unusable when the oil companies changed their refining techniques and their additives. Those changes had no malicious intent. There was a pressing need to increase refinery output of gasoline as well as increase octane levels for higher compression ratios of the more powerful engines.

    I do not discount that there may have been efforts by oil companies to suppress technologies that would reduce demand for their products (the Farnsworth Fusor comes to mind), but most of those technologies had problems in real-life applications.

    I had the peculiar/bizarre opportunity to speak with GEET’s Paul Pantone at his residence, about 25 years ago. His apparatus was viable, but it also had real-world problems, so he chose to, imho, rather than address the problems, become a techno-evangelist huckster.

    There are many examples of alleged technology suppression, for different reasons. Often it is concern over potential losses in profits/funding, however, in the case of hybrid vehicles, CARB banned them in the ’80s because they felt they would delay adoption of electric cars. They insisted on all-or-nothing zero-emissions, putting off cleaner air for twenty years. The same people, and their acolytes, are using the same logic to cover the country with solar and wind farms and a net of high-tension wires, in order to save Nature from climate change; and to ban fossil fuels, fertilizers and animal production in order to avert future human suffering from climate change.

  14. I think I’d like to drive the Fawick Flyer which isn’t pictured and I’d never heard of until last week.



  15. 2 and 6 for sure. would drive any of them just for the fun of trying something different.

    2 – I’ve never seen a rig rat-rod. looks awesome.

    6 – reminds me of my brother’s ’76 t-bird with an extra long hood (maybe filled with engines?)
    looks slick, but won’t corner worth a biden


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