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Which President Didn’t Own Slaves?

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  1. Every slave owner was a Democrat.

    No Republican owned slaves.

    No modern Black American ever was enslaved to a White person.

    No modern American White person ever owned slaves.

    Slavery as an official institution outside of Islamic enclaves ended 158 years ago.

    The sins of the father are not the sins of the sons.

    Get over it.

  2. Acknowledging the astute observations above, I think when the governmemt tells you that your children are “not your children, but ours” its pretty obvious that all presidents that continued the Departmemt of Education were on board with “having slaves.”

  3. Well Biden is making Jefferson look like a piker with slaves. Heck they’re so many of them in Shit-ca-go (12 buses of them arrived 2 days ago). Woodrow Wilson was the last President to be born in a household who had black slaves. He was born in 1856. How many illegals are here now – I mean slaves that are going to maker America great. Welcome to America all you grape pickers and sheet changers.


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