White House After Trump WIns


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  1. Darn, Obutthole is extremely furious that he didn’t think of that. He could have housed the entire LGBTBPN administration and staff in a highrise like that!

  2. After 8 years of Obumphuk and their ilk, the White House and everything inside it should be turned over the the EPA for hazardous waste disposal. A national disgrace. Turn the replacement project over to Trump. He could have a replacement like this built in a year or so.

  3. It’s not easy to notice, but there is a big T in the crest at the top center. Good as a big Trump, just about!

  4. The casino is at the other end of the mall where John McLame leads his fellow self-server senatorss to help themselves at all cost at all times.

  5. There was a time when those would have been fighting words. Now all I can do is nod in agreement and feel the shame of having that fine haired SOB leading this once great nation eventhough I had nothing to do with putting him there. Very big sigh.

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