White House Baffled by How Colleyville Terrorist Gained a Visa Despite Being on Terrorist Watch List


Malik Faisal Akram, who was known as Faisal Akram, had a well known Islamic extremist history to British and American intelligence. Akram ranted, prior to his travel to the U.S, that he wished he had died in the 9/11 terror attacks. He was a regular visitor to Pakistan, and reportedly a member of the Tablighi Jamaat group set up to ‘purify’ Islam. To say the U.S. intelligence system knew Faisal Akram would be an understatement.  The FBI knowledge of Akram has now been confirmed by The Daily Mail.

Today the White House was asked how it was possible for him to get a visa and travel into the United States.  White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, says they have no idea, but they’re looking into it.  They’ve put their best men, best men, on the review.  For more details, ask the Dept. of Homeland Security. read more

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  1. I’m starting to develop an appreciation for the bitch….. she has the toughest job in the country.

  2. The White House is also baffled as to why half the country doesn’t just roll over and kiss the giant ass of the liberal, American hating party.

  3. I’d love it if somebody asked the Psaki Hack why the FBI HRT didn’t let everybody know right away that while they were standing by outside, it was the rabbi who threw a chair at the mohammadman and so got himself and the other hostages out. It wasn’t the feds, it was the rabbi.

    I’d also love to hear somebody ask her why it was that the feds broke protocol and initiated that dynamic entry and killed the terrorist AFTER THE HOSTAGES WERE SAFE. I imagine it was so that Akram couldn’t blab about just who it was who drove him to the synagogue.

    It’ll never happen, of course.

  4. I agree with Uncle Al, this whole thing smells like a false flag gone sideways.

    Well known UK jihadist gets visa, gets on international flight, gets gun, gets to a liberal synagogue that bans guns, hostages get away by courage and a miracle that has zero to do with FBI, FBI breaks protocol and kills Jihadi?

    FBI dipshit claims it has nothing to do with Jews. Who feed that imbecile that narrative?

    The whole thing stinks. My guess is CIA, FBI set the whole operation up and cleaned the slate when the hostages escaped.

  5. @Uncle Al…

    It’s almost as if the FBI/MI6 was itching to let “Lady al Qaeda” go, and that stupid rabbi messed up a good FBI/MI6 operation by removing the hostage leverage. I’m wondering if “Lady al Qaeda” is also “Paki Ghislaine Maxwell” and knows some things/works both sides.

  6. Okay, let’s get one thing straight: Brits don’t need Visas to visit the United States. Neither do Krauts, Frogs, and most other Western Europeans, so quit chasing that squirrel. There was no opportunity for anyone to “vet” him.

    The bigger questions, (and the ones that got him whacked) are where did he get his gun? How big is his support network? Who funded him? One doesn’t just get off a plane, grab a gun, and head down to Texas; one has to have PLANNED. And that means a network. And the Left doesn’t want us to know how badly we’ve been infiltrated.

    Who’s to say this wasn’t a dry run for the Iranian sleepers getting ready to raise hell? But I’ll venture to say this wasn’t a Lone Wolf or a One-off.

  7. Something tells me that Ticky Tacky Wacky Psaki spends as much on hygiene as she does on her hair!
    Hey, it’s a Commie thang…

  8. The FBI is putting their best men on it? Is it so important that you can’t use a woman or person or no gender thingy-majig? Must be if you need their best men.

  9. Never fear, don’t despair, the FBI is on the Case of the Mysterious Islamic Extremist who came to Texas from Britain to discuss Politics with a Rabbi. This will take awhile to resolve, because the Armed Insurrection by White Supremacists on January 6th is more important.

  10. Has been SOP in DC for 21 years! Specific case, 1 of many,-
    In ’04 MI5 told FBI that n Army Cptn was n ctive member of a Taliban cell. Not only did our govt not arrest him; he was later prop;mpted to maj.
    3 por 4 years after we were told this Qrmy C;py/ Maaj was a Taliban oerativef he murdered 18 or 19 people in TX!

    I can not find the R.O.P. Maj’s name nor where he killed almost 20 p;eople. Gve myself a 30 min deadline; fail.

    But the Captin was in the med service, a shrink I think. GWB promoted him to Maj and then he did the killings!

    I apologize for not naming names; other than GWB.

  11. Psaki is a raging liar justifying her statements, likely because no one asked her to the prom and years of pop psyche twisted her brain. How these people sleep at night is beyond comprehension, then again, they are Satan’s minions.

  12. The easy fix for the WH would be to photoshop a MAGA hat onto an old picture of the terrorist, viola! Trump is to blame. It would run 24/7 on CNN.

  13. GEOFF D.Precisely! GWB has the 13 deaths, along lwith many many others, on his watch!

    Muslims, like the Capt Bush promoted to Maj, and Mahmud have been given a FREE PASS by the federal Government for 22 years!

    If all men were treated equal these Muslim killers would never have killed in America.

    Thank you again for the name!

    Sometimes being old is a —-

  14. @Lance o Lot January 19, 2022 at 8:00 am

    > the Left doesn’t want us to know how badly we’ve been infiltrated

    “Infiltrated”? “Infiltrated“? People are hired to do a job. Those that perform the group’s intent best, are promoted. Just because the motor pool “claims” to not grasp why they do what they do, they clearly see the result of doing what they do. And they soldier on.

    All who take The Party’s coin swear allegiance to The Party. It’s right there on the application.

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