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White House Candy Land

Well, just in this one room

Daily Caller: When Melania Trump revealed her Christmas decorations for the White House this year, there were some haters. People criticized them as being “scary” and “nightmarish.” However, with sky-high approval ratings, Melania is having the last laugh.


This is the historic White House Red Room:  Pretty, right?

Every decoration is candy.

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  1. Trick or Treat, Easter Egg Roll, and Christmas at the WH were a blast. The kiddies were served rutabaga roll ups, quinoa cupcakes & tofu lollipops.
    Meanwhile size 3X moochie was holed up in the upstairs residence buried in 3 ft of Kit-Kat, Milky Way & Snickers wrappers. She fooled no one with her “Lets Move” jive.

  2. Melania is like a Cinderella story, complete with the ugly-ass jealous stepsisters
    bitching about everything she does.

  3. I am so proud that we have a beautiful white woman in the White House and a courageous white man that has given up so much of his career and money to Make America Great Again. There’s is no way in hell to compare the Trumps with the Obamas. Who do you compare White First Class with Black Heathen Class with? I’m over my embarrassment of the Oreo and the Wookie. I much prefer the beautiful white couple and their son over what parked their butts for 8 years in our house scheming on how to bring down America.

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