University teaches white employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being white

The College Fix-

A two-day professional development conference held recently at the University of Michigan included a training session that aimed to help white employees deal with their “whiteness” so they could become better equipped to fight for social justice causes, according to organizers.

Were these memes wrong when we created them? I don’t think so.

Participants who took part in the “Conversations on Whiteness” session, held December 5 during the university’s Student Life Professional Development Conference, were taught to “recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their White identity, explore this discomfort, and devise ways to work through it,” the university’s website states.


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  1. Notice how they cut down whitey right before the next course, “Proper management of your personal finances.”

    From those that put on the course:

    Abby Priehs: “I love it when I can have a FANTASTIC conversation with a student and I feel we both grew from the interaction.”

    ie, think like me and we will get along.

    Steve Bodei: This guy has his own website discussing how whitey is bad. He even made an info-graph to prove it. Soy Boy!!!!

    Nick Smith: This cuck is extremely happy the University of Michigan dropped $10 million creating a multicultural center! (what the hell is that?)

    Bonus! UofM voted for divestment from companies operating in Israel due to possible human rights violations of Palestinians. The Central Student Government highlighted anti-divestment by referencing a farcebook post accusing CSG body lack of diversity without enough Jewish people or white males. CSG investigated and found most members are to be “wealthy white heterosexual males.”

    I guess “Jewish” or “white male” translates to “wealthy white heterosexual male.” to the CSG. Goddamn racists!!!!

  2. I’m so embarrassed I was born white I surf or paddle board or sail every day to darken my skin. Of course if I wasn’t white I wouldn’t have all these things.

  3. Next up: Apologize for your heterosexual parents and sexual stereotypes they provided for you that that didn’t facilitate mental illness or emotional intelligence issues in your life.

    We’ll call it “Cis-gendered parenting: it’s privilege and the advantage in society.

  4. A “Multicultural Center” is simply a euphmism for a Black institution. An overwhelming majority of the staff is Black and most everything they do revolves around Blacks. So instead of teaching ALL cultures they focus on how bad being White is!
    Can’t succeed without that common enemy!
    Every little tin-pot dictator uses that same tactic to divide and conquer.
    Ever since Revrum Wright’s feckless “God-Damn America”-hating, Treasury-looting, economy-wrecking, healthcare-destroying, backstabbing, stone-walling, wildly spending, dope-smoking, momjeans-wearing, shame gland missing, Peace Prize-Stealing, monument-Barrycading, process-circumventing, Benghazi bullshitting, Constitution-stomping, stair-prancing, sheet-grabbing, pillow-biting, ankle-grabbing, Gay-obsessed, stumbling, mumbling, Radical, Bomb-Throwing, Marxist Muzlim Mallard got into the White House, kids have been brain-washed into thinking White is evil. There is no Whilte Culture, only White money and they’re using it to drag being White down below their level of Suck to make them feel better, get attention and continue their relentless effort to divide the United States of America!

  5. I am not uncomfortable with being a white male heterosexual, married to one woman for nearly 36 yrs. with 3 children, conservative, Christian, US Navy veteran etc. Why should I apologize for how I was created, this is who I am, get over your snit progtards and quit trying to make us into something that we’re not because you don’t like us the way we are. Maybe we don’t like you as well but you don’t see us trying to change you because we dislike or disagree with you. I hate the left!

  6. Maybe they should work at making blacks less violent, more responsible and less stupid. Diversity is a dog whistle for kill whitey.

  7. Obama should apologize on behalf of his white mother being a commie whore and having him. Where his whiteness spawns from is definite cause to be ashamed.

  8. A lot of people think The War Between the States was some deity’s punishment for the institution of slavery in the U.S.

    It wasn’t.

    This crap is.

    We shoulda picked our own cotton…


  9. Why would anyone want to be turd world in a 1st world country? Count me out, I may not be rich by any means but I have riches in gratefulness that I live in the greatest country ever known to man. You tried once upon a time to indoctrinate me when I was younger but I never believed in your lies in the first place (and still don’t) and I am not going back ever to being a miserable pissant worried that everybody and everything is out to get me. Envy and jealousy and covetousness of what others have will not make you anything but miserable and a perpetual sourpuss.

  10. Just because you hate yourselves, don’t try to bring me down to your level. I’m quite happy with who I am, thank you.

  11. Talk about exploring discomfort..I went out white on a Oklahoma lake in July and came back that was discomfort…thank you Boobie for stealing my thunder

  12. Imagine how hard I laugh when we receive letters from the 4 universities we’ve paid tuition to, begging for ‘donations’ !!

    Maybe they should shutter these schools and instead raise livestock on those quads.

  13. Obama created enough outright Jealousy and Hatred to start a War,
    and now his Sheepole’s like “Hypnotized Zombies” are out for Blood … They don’t know why, but they’ve lost it !

  14. They should have held the seminar on the “Proper management of your personal finances” first and everybody would have learned not to waste their $25.00 on the whiteness farce!

  15. “University teaches white employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being white”

    I feel no discomfort whatsoever. I feel very white and proud of being white. I don’t get scared looks at me when I walk down the street, nor do people cross over to the other side of the street when they see me. I feel good about my whiteness when I take out my ATM card instead of my EBT card. I don’t have babies around me who I do not know who the father is. My children are grown adults, white and privileged too. They don’t use EBT cards, Section 8 housing, nor do they ask for any reparations for being white. White is pure, I love my white hat and wear it every day. The University can go *uck themselves and the horse they rode in on.

  16. … a multicultural center! (what the hell is that?)

    Oh, that’s easy; it’s something white people pay for, but aren’t allowed to use.

  17. THIS is what stoking hate and division looks like.

    Get your kids out of college if you truly love them. Have them learn a skill or a trade, or both.

  18. What if you take the course and still love your white skin but wind up hating grifting race-baiting niggers at the end of it?? Do they have a more intense course? Do you get your money back? (PS: I have known far more white niggers than black….)

  19. What if you take the course but you still love your white skin but now hate the grifting, race-baiting, boot-lipped blue-gummed shines even more? Do they have a more intense course? Do they refund your money??

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