White House Reporters Launch “Formal Objection” to Joe Biden Refusing to Take Questions

Station Gossip: The White House Press Pool on Tuesday launched a “formal objection” to Joe Biden refusing to take questions.

Joe Biden participated in a bilateral meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday in the Oval Office.

Boris Johnson unexpectedly answered three questions from British reporters while Biden’s handlers shouted down the press.

American reporters tried to ask Joe Biden questions but they were blocked.

“Johnson took 3 questions. White House aides shouted down U.S. attempts to ask questions. I asked Biden about southern border and we couldn’t decipher what he said,” CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe said.

It goes against protocol to have an uneven distribution of representatives allowed to ask questions. more here

14 Comments on White House Reporters Launch “Formal Objection” to Joe Biden Refusing to Take Questions

  1. If we don’t gain the majority in the Congress next year, these assholes will run the table on us.

    IF there’s a table left to play on.

  2. Fritz the Cat
    SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 AT 12:11 AM

    “IF there’s a table left to play on.”

    There is.




    Have a nice day…

  3. Fritz
    That’s what I’ve been saying. If we don’t kill it in the midterms we will need to kill them all afterwards to save the Republic.

  4. After what they did and are still claiming about President Trump?

    Illegitimate presidents give illegitimate answers to a press that served that illegitimacy? Go figure the irony of that.

  5. We all know that members of the White House Press Pool aren’t all that bright, but it should be evident even to them that Joe Biden, because of his advancing dementia, is incapable of answering questions.

    joe Biden

  6. The press corp could just walk, not show up, take a knee, or turn their backs to him. But the reporters who are just political plants for Biden support, would just keep taking the abuse day after day and arrive on time to cover for him.

  7. They are complaining about the thing in which they participate.
    They KNOW all about the Usurper Retardo Pedo Joe.
    So. There is some other game afoot. This is, obviously, a distraction.
    A pretense that they take their jobs seriously, perhaps?
    A pretense that the Usurper is REALLY a president?
    Divert our attention from the economy or China or those abandoned in Afghanistan?

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. King Biden doesn’t take questions, he gives orders!
    Because he couldn’t explain why his puppeteers have him do things anyhow.

  9. A “formal objection”? Are you sure about that? It is nothing but slurry nonsense that issues from the husk’s filthy sewer of a mouth. Not real sure that you MSM morons would like that, as you are the ones responsible for putting this clown in office in the first place. Would make you look really stupid & we can’t have that, can we?

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