Family urges others to get vaccinated after bride-to-be dies of covid: ‘Misinformation killed her’


Jessica LipscombTue, September 21, 2021, 5:51 AM·3 min read

After dating for more than 10 years, Samantha Wendell and her fiance, Austin Eskew, were ready to settle down and have kids.

Following their engagement in 2019, the couple set a wedding date for Aug. 21, 2021, at a church in Lisle, Ill., where Wendell’s parents had married years earlier. They planned to start a family soon after.

Wendell was eager to have children, so when she heard false claims that the coronavirus vaccine could affect her fertility, she decided to hold off on getting immunized, her family members told NBC News. But over the summer, Wendell, a surgical technician in Grand Rivers, Ky., changed her mind and scheduled a vaccine appointment for the end of July. It was too late – days before the appointment, she and Eskew tested positive for the virus.

After a long hospitalization, during which she was placed on a ventilator, Wendell died Sept. 10. She was 29.

“Misinformation killed her,” Maria Vibandor Hayes, Wendell’s cousin, wrote in a Facebook post the next day.


The article has omitted any pictures of the bride to be.

But we looked them up.

Misinformation killed her.

I think they spelled cake wrong.

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  1. Ventilator does it again.

    Too bad they didn’t give this young woman a regimen of Ivermectin. I bet she’d still be with us if they had.

  2. I try never to make jokes about fat people. I say walk a mile in their shoes (except they’ve probably never walked a mile in their own shoes). Or, the elephant in the room is that no one ever brings up co-morbidities like obesity and diabetes; two known factors that run the risk of covid (and everything else) way up.

  3. Total lack of detail leads to any conclusion you desire. At her age, she should have recovered with early intervention of known good therapeutics. Did they force the CDC death protocol? Prevent Ivermectin or HCP or Regeneron? She had at least one factor against her, but I know of older, same bodied that survived due to Regeneron. Likely Government, not Covid killed her. So sad

  4. Well I’m a fitness freak but she shouldn’t have had to suffer through this no mater what she looked like. Pfizer is sending a different vax to different countries and different social economic areas in the states. It’s true. They admitted today the Vax they were sending to Israel was totally experimental. Well shit, that might explain a few things. Along with some placebos. WTF?

  5. The ONLY approved, and reimbursable, treatment killed her: Remdesvir. I don’t care how overweight patients are, there are effective medications that would have saved this woman’s life. And many others. Her cousin is the one that is “Misinformed.” She was murdered!

  6. Do they know that New England Journal of Medicine now say there is no evidence the vaccine is safe for pregnant women after 1 in 8 pregnant women have a miscarriage after taking it?
    Do they know that according to VAERS there have been now reported at least 2 breastfed babies died after their mothers took the vaccine?

    That is not misinformation. That is the facts. As to whether it will make you sterile they can’t say one way or the other because it’s never been tested.

    If you’re fat you’d be smart to lose weight and take Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin C and D to prevent catching it. To be honest though this virus should be called the Chinese fat virus because the majority who have died, whether it’s from the ventilator(which they know kills you), you get told you have it and you’re fat and they put you on a ventilator, you’re going to die.

  7. Why did I know she was obese, like most of those that die from the Coof itself, before I saw the photo?

    $10 says no Ivermectin, or any other med that works, was given to her.

    The politically correct doctors killed her.

  8. I think the point here is that the media HIDES any data points that might cause people to consider that there JUST may be additional factors. And now that I think of it, it seems the people with risk factors are the ones squawking the loudest about masks and “vaccines”. Just happened to me again today. A gal I enjoy talking with at our local ACE was on a tear about both! She’s almost as big around as she is tall.

    It’s not a vaccine — no matter how often it’s called one.

  9. Very sad.
    However, though it is not stressed, one of the biggest risks for people who are infected with Covid is obesity. Misinformation did not kill her, lack of information may have killed her.

    It is very difficult to lose weight. But it would have been helpful to state those risks loud and often. Not to shame, but to motivate.

    We are too quick to look for the easy fix, whether it is a “vaccine” shot, or a mask, or even a lockdown rather than the hard work of getting to a healthy weight and changing eating habits.

  10. “I think the point here is that the media HIDES any data points that might cause people to consider that there JUST may be additional factors.”

    BINGO! Anything o fit their fear tactic narrative and keeping the public MISINFORMED!

  11. AbigailAdams,
    They do seem to whine and complain all the time. My husband’s cousins whine to my daughter all the time that people don’t care that this virus is killing fat people. They’re both morbidly obese and they appear to be aware covid attacks them, but yet do nothing to try and lose weight. They won’t even walk to their mailbox 100 feet from their house.

  12. Like I’ve said assholes..
    When enough of your friends and family get sick and or die from covid you might learn something…

    And locoblanco

    Go fuck yourself

  13. Geez, bottom line is as thick as she was her life was altered due to the China flu. Who pays for that. They looked like a happy couple to me. I’m actually a little shocked at some of the comments here.
    Groucho, you’re doing more harm than good. You clearly don’t understand the Vax. And yes I’m vaxed.

  14. Groucho, as a covid survivor I have more antibodies than you could ever inject up your pompous, ignorant ass.

    Thing is, most people here agree that if you are obese, have comorbidities, or are elderly the vaccine is a legitimate PERSONAL health decision.

    As far as those like me that had covid, go pedal your experimental drug elsewhere.

  15. Brad I agree, it’s sad that she died.
    I feel for her family and husband.
    I think many of the comments have to do with the blame being placed on “misinformation.”
    She was a big girl but something else was likely an issue. She was in the hospital a long time.
    Chance are we will never know the truth, just the narrative.

  16. Groucho I don’t know how many of us here have had the death jab kill our family and friends, but your shit infuriates me. Not one family member or friend dead from covid in almost 2 years, yet it’s getting hard to keep up with how many friends of friends of friends have died due to the vaccine.

    A friend’s family member just died after taking his 3rd shot, the hospital claims covid killed him yet, he didn’t have covid and wasn’t sick until the same night he got his 3rd shot. They told him then it was just a side effect and if he got worse to go to the ER. He got worse, he did as they said, they tested him for covid said he was positive, he ended up on a vent and then he ended up dead. His wife has been annoying to everyone, much like you running around telling everyone if they don’t get jabbed they’re going to die, the jab is saving lives, keeping people from being hospitalized and dying, now she’s a widow due to the death jab she’s ran around telling everyone to get.

    I’m going to a memorial this weekend for a man who was pretty much friends with everyone in the community, he didn’t die from covid, he died from the Moderna jabs.

    So frankly I’m sick of your crap, have been sick of your crap, don’t tell me I’m spreading misinformation, your jab you want forced on everyone has taken too many people I care about.
    I’m tired of people like you telling them they must take them if they don’t want to die and them believing them and dying from this death jab.

  17. Sorry I am calling total Bull shit on this story.

    The narrative just fits to damm perfectly with the globalist/medical tyranny state narrative.

    when ever a story sounds too perfect it is usually bull shit and even a little digging raises a lot of questions. I always start but checking the names.

    there is a grand total of 1 count’em 1 person in a search for Austin Eskew (I often find very few if any people matching the names feed to us in pysh-op stories) A search of Jessica Wendell on truthfinder age 28 -40 shows 6 results none of them live in Kentucky or Illinois.

    I bet if you search for marriages licenses or death certificates with her you will find they don’t exist. just a guess

  18. seaoh

    Bruh, what do you consider perfect about this story? The part where she died. I’ll bet you there are thousands of stories just like hers.
    I do understand your suspicions. I think they’re off in this case.

  19. I don’t trust anything the government says anymore. I saw my doctor this morning. I gave blood for the lab work and he’s having it tested for Wuhan antibodies. He said if I have them that I should not get the shot. He said Fauci is a fraud. I agree.

  20. Groucho
    A big proponent of the Vax. Which one? They give different versions Felton your social economic status. I’m guessing you live in a fairly depressed area with all the dead you speak about.

  21. One thing to ALWAYS keep in mind about the vaccine and it is a “miracle” in this sense, IMHO.

    Had PRESIDENT Trump not pushed as fast and as hard as he did regarding Operation: Warp Speed, we all would have been in lockdown for at least seven years while they hemmed and hawed in creating the vaccine, more people would be dead, and the Earth would have died off. I’m all pro-choice if you want to get it but for me I will never will because I have no clue how it would react with my “faulty wiring” (We all have some!) and I will not risk finding out the hard way. God and others know I’ve already paid a big price and lost a lot already by making this stand but hopefully I’ll get more than a lousy t-shirt out of it.

  22. Some other noted side effects of the experimental, radical gene therapy are reduced mental capacity and emotional instability.

  23. OK, she was overweight but not to the point where she couldn’t recover. She had her age going for her.
    It’s the crap that they give you in the hospital along with the ventilator that sealed her fate.

  24. Groucho,
    Why so rabid? You’ve had the vax; you’re gonna live forever. Be at peace.
    You’re foaming at the mouth, calling commenters assholes and saying that they suck dicks just because they don’t agree with you!
    Hardly persuasive.
    Show the facts! That’s all – show the FACTS! Not the propaganda from the Media and CDC – the numbers – the FACTS.

    izlamo delenda est …

  25. Groucho, about your claim that vax reduces hospitalization and death: I’ve thoroughly studied the initial Pfizer and Moderna reports that led to their approval, and worked the numbers on how their effectiveness against infection was calculated. On that measure, YES, they were tremendously effective. But there is no way in those studies to say anything about hospitalization or death. In the Pfizer report there was just one single person, in the control group, who is hospitalized with Covid. And in the entire study of 44,000 people no one died. No one! I have searched for detailed information on vaccines and hospitalization or death, but I have yet to find a source for claims along that line. I’m open to the idea that the vaccines work great for hospitalizations or deaths, but I have yet to find the data. Groucho, do you have any source for that?

  26. If she had better insurance, the hospital could have run up her bill, instead of killing her off for the gov’t money.

  27. Interestingly, I looked at some local news yesterday and there were three stories about the coof and either people dying with it or having a terrible time but surviving it…. all of them were obese!
    I was a fatty for years but got over it.

  28. I did some digging on FB and there were people who were saying to pray for her that she was a co-worker or a family member. One post I found said she worked at a hospital and was at a higher risk because she had diabetes. Another post I found from a family member said she had went to the hospital for minor surgery and now has covid. Then another from a co-worker who said she had been on a vent for weeks, had a high fever and the vent was maxed.

    The interesting thing about these posts were for one they had no covid link or false information on the posts. They said nothing about her vaccination status. Even those posts since she died that now say she wasn’t vaxxed, have no covid link on them. Which what is so odd about that even if there are posts on animal groups talking of vaccinating animals, or animals having any kind of illness, it has a covid link or covid vaccine link added to them by FB.

    Another interesting thing I found about these posts some said she was in Kentucky others said Tennessee.

  29. You realize, of course, that she may not even be a real human being? She may be a composite woman, similar to Obola’s “girlfriend” from college who didn’t exist, except in the minds of his propagandists. With the lying media (which includes Twitter, FaceBook, InstaGram, Google, &c.) it is next to impossible to separate fact from fiction. And anything which fits the “narrative” is doubly suspect.
    There is a World-wide effort to disseminate falsehood – to miscarry justice – and to suppress Liberty. Europe has fallen and we are importing illegal-alien invading rat-people at a rate of ~ 200,000 a day (not including the diseased maggot hate-filled jihadis from Afghanistan).

    If she was a real person, I am sorry for everyone involved – she looked happy and cheerful.

    izlamo delenda est …

  30. That damned groucho isn’t infected with covid, but something much, much worse: hate and nowhere to vent it, except here, at us. Someday ol’ grochy will realize that after all the bombast, all the name calling that after he dies, in 2 or 3 months nobody will care or remember.

  31. OKAY! OKAY! Stop picking on me. I admit it… I am an asshole. Now leave me alone while I suck on Fauci’s dick some more.

  32. I’m on Badabing’s page… they killed her. Her story was too important to not use as a cudgel to beat people into getting vaccinated. She ticked all the boxes for their political PR push. This is a tragedy and I hope someday, we see reckoning.

  33. Family urges others to get vaccinated after bride-to-be dies of covid: ‘Misinformation killed her’

    She’s overweight. Besides that, my nieces firefighter fiance got the jab and he dropped dead the morning of their wedding day. A 24-yo coworker of his dropped dead as well – both got the jab both died of heart attacks. Furthermore, people die from the flu very frickin year! Never heard anyone say “if only they got the flu jab, they’d still be here.” BS!

  34. Why did they not give her Hydroxycloriquine or Monoclonal? Answer: because democrats need deaths to move their communist takeover forward. She was killed by democrat political medical quackery in my opinion.

  35. The vax would not have stopped anything.
    She got a serious case of it because she is fat.
    The hospital would not give her the right drugs and put her on a vent, which kills most people.
    Every country that is highly vaxxed is showing that the vaxx either does nothing, or it makes things worse.

  36. The message here.. Don’t Vax get covid and die…

    Besides the vaccine is simply a tool of the government to make us zombies or whatever other crazy delusions that you morons have.

    Trump said get the vaccine..

    Last year the demented pedophile and Willie Brown’s cock holster decried covid vaccinations..

    Who did you listen to?

    Apparently this is all just a massive conspiracy that includes every nation and every mefia outlet…

    Yall don’t need the covid vaccinations…. You need anti psychotic medications first..

    Meanwhile back in reality

  37. It to late baby now it’s too late. Ivermectin & vitamins saved her, HELL NO. No long term clinical studies out yet. But most early research says it doesn’t do a damn thing for Covid-19. India, is more like a third world country. They most likely didn’t have enough of the vax for their population, so they lied & said this works. I don’t believe anything out of this country for one second.

  38. Get the vax; don’t get the vax; you are STILL gonna die.
    Don’t fool yourself.
    Show the facts. Show the numbers.
    Only you are acting psychotic – the only guy on Earth grounded in reality?
    Doesn’t that tell you something?
    Anyway, that’s neither here nor there – show the NUMBERS – show the FACTS.

    Try to keep the weirdness under control. You don’t have to be negative.

    izlamo delenda est …

  39. was she misinformed or uninformed?

    I got a buddy thats diabetic and takes a pill so he can eat whateverthehellhewants and he does. He thinks that pill will fix everything. He’s 80 pounds overweight.

    I’ve also known healthy people who just drop dead.

    So far we are free to not have unproven crap forced into our bodies and as a former respiratory therapist, I choose no.

  40. for ppl saying its not true, the media are going to town with this, a lot of them have wrong or false information even pictures of the girls and are getting her whereabouts all mixed up. but this is sadly true about her having Covid and being put on a vent an passing away. that much ik bc i did some digging an even though I could only find the obituary on the site they listed. the canine shelter she wanted donated to is real and all her family, friends, an fiancée are real an they have Facebook accounts, that are all valid. never hurts to do research bc a lot of media an ppl lie nowadays way to much especially with all this going on. Rip Sam an Bless her family an the loved one she had to leave behind, regardless of what the circumstances that may have led to this. also please don’t spread misinformation if you can help it, ik its hard not to know what’s true or false anymore, but if you don’t know for a actual fact about something or its juts something you read please don’t keep spreading it more… ppls actions whether they think its good or not still has consequences

  41. @ brad everything about this story hits the medical tyranny, talking points and appeals to the emotions of low info brain dead MSM viewers. “They” (deep state? CIA? who ever) have nothing but contempt for average Americans; and that maybe their downfall.
    The only thing in the story that isn’t “perfect” in the story for propaganda purposes is the “victim” isn’t some beautiful blonde. I am sure that is intentional, either they are so smug as to believe that a 29 year old from the mid west can’t be beautiful or they figure making her gorgeous would just be to over the top obvious and make people might question the narrative.

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