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White People, You Pissed This Man Off

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  1. It is biblical level irony that the first half black, half white president reignited racism in this country. The only conclusion I can draw is that he hates himself.

  2. I was raised in the 50s and the 60s, and I sure wasn’t raised to hate. The church emphasised love as did the music of our time, Just listened to 1970 Ray Stevens singing “Everything is Beautiful” thinking back over the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and the thousands. Then we even elected a “Black” President and everything started to go downhill with Leftist division and hate. Put the Left in charge and this is what ya get! No hope and change in the wrong direction!

    And everything is beautiful in its own way
    Like a starry summer night
    On a snow covered winter’s day, ah, sing it children
    Everybody’s beautiful in their own way
    Under God’s heaven
    The world’s gonna find a way
    We shouldn’t care about the length of his hair
    Of the color of his skin
    Don’t worry about what shows from without
    But the love that lives within

  3. Just feel like I have been mind raped…saw a Biden ad that said Trump is crazy and wants to be a dictator after losing the 2020 election…it was wrong on so many levels and especially since if anyone wants to be a dictator it is the Biden/Obama cabal. WTF?

    Obama isn’t white or black he’s 100% evil and satanic so everybody has been screwed. He’s the Muslim gift that keeps on giving. 😛 🤔👽

  4. First, I have no responsibility for the Obama train wreck because I never voted for him.
    Second, is it this guy’s contention that what we REALLY need is a 100% black president?


    NO! He is a really good patriot and was just making a joke. He’s definitely #MAGA first. This is in his bio: “Do not tell me “I ain’t black” AWAKE.” – Claudia

  5. ^ Yeah, he sounds like a racist. Which half is bothering him the most? The white or the black? And what’s with “my people?” He sounds like a progressive, black moron.

    He needs to describe what specifically is wrong with Barack Hussein Obama besides his skin color genetics.

    People like him are a Waste.Of.Time.

    See my comment to Tony R – Claudia

  6. These days I rarely even think about that black turd and the eight years of prezzy nonsense.
    Along with the choom gang, cops acted stupid, if I had a son, bitter clingers, pen & phone, obamacare, you can keep your doctor, obama phone, moochelle’s toned arms, Hollywood sycophants, Martha’s Vineyard, that motherfucker can just die already as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Interesting take, Tony R, but there is no such black American that is 100% black, if they are multi-generationally American. All generational black Americans have European genes – some with a large percentage and some minute.

    Ethnically, Obama was not an anomaly. His real father, Frank Marshall Davis a notorious Marxist and pedophile was a generational black American. The only uniqueness about Obama is the strange transient paths of his childhood and Marxist upbringing.

    As for taking blame for Obama becoming president, that fault falls on manipulative Democrat leadership and their flunky constituents, RINOs and liberals who fell for the hype. No particular ethnicity can be blamed for his rise in power because the left represent many ethnicities/races.

    The left needed a black socialist and devout Muslim as U.S.President to flaunt their complete control over national elections and “Fundamentally Transforming America”.
    Nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with doctrine. Ethnicity is a tool the left uses to divide and conquer.

    So, what many conservatives should understand is we are dealing with communist strategies – the real problem, not ethnicity.

  8. Dear Black Insurrectionist
    Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for him. Either time.
    Talk to the DildoCrats, LibTards, RINOs, and 47% welfare moochers.

  9. BoRock hold the distinction of being the first non legit President. If you listen closely you can hear the libtards brag about how they pushed his nomination through. Same as his birth right, he’s an illegitimate piece of shit with a whore mother and a muzzie father. And his rein continues through a brain dead icon.

  10. geoff the aardvark

    In my opinion, humble as it may be, sick fuck Joe is an Icon to Libtards. Especially Hollyweird who wan to legitimize pedophilia. Which seems to be really cool with everyone except gun toting parents. If you catch my drift.

  11. I was expecting him to say Bill Clinton was the first black prez.

    Calling any drop of blood in the lineage black really is racist.

    So, I think that makes me a black Christian Jew.

    We are all one race. We came from the same Adam and Eve. The human race.

  12. 0bama is nearly half white. Mulatto or quadroon (pops… the sperm donor… supposedly was half Arab), of all the race hating in this race hating world the mixed race come in for the worst of it. American mulattos, quadroons, octoroons, picaroons, etc, suffer this extremely. They claim to be black. Everyone knows they’re not. There are almost NO blacks in America, just a whole bunch of mixed race people pretending to be black. Talk to an African black about this, see what he thinks. My experience was, he was righteously indignant that these mixed race mongrels claimed to be black.


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