Whitehouse: Do you need ‘A SAFE PLACE TO PEE’ ? – IOTW Report

Whitehouse: Do you need ‘A SAFE PLACE TO PEE’ ?

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  1. if we had ANY actual press people left one of them would ask ” aren’t you forgetting the little girl who is no longer safe in the restroom if you enact this stupid idea? The point that needs to be made over and over again, is whether or not you consider yourself a woman or man is not the issue, if you have a penis then you cannot use the ladies room or locker room. Anyone with an IQ of over room temp should be able to deduce that if does not matter what you consider yourself, you are still potentially exposing your sex organ to members of the opposite sex in a public restroom , which in most states can still get you arrested!!

  2. this woman is a total phony. she’ll never pee in a
    transgender bathroom .. unless it’s with her species jumping
    sista’ ocra ..

  3. #transneeds non-political non-activist real psychiatric care #mentalillness #deranged #sick #deviant #pervert #cantchangeyourdnayoumoron

    I dare someone to post the above to their twitter account and see if they get banned

  4. I’m looking at the pic in the article and while some of the people are obviously messed up weirdos some of the dudes look fairly normal. Oh, wait, those are probably the women.


  5. Let’s see, these people have a Mental Disorder so profound they seek surgery to mutilate their bodies to fit their symptoms.
    This disorder is so destructive, suicide is common.
    Let’s give these people jobs in the White House

  6. They need to do a re-make of the film:
    “They Shoot Horses</strike Snowflakes, Don’t They?”

  7. Micheal has it made: he just whips it out in the Rose Garden and takes the pause that refreshes. Bay-rack, on the other hand, has to squat and that is more problematic for privacy!

  8. If I ever walked into a public restroom and there was a tranny in there or some other freak in there I would walk out. I am disgusted with all this PC crap allowing freaks to have more rights than I do just because of their freak status. God help us!

  9. “But I don’t feel comfortable going in the men’s room!”

    Letting it go in MY restroom doesn’t solve the problem, though. It merely shifts its discomfort to me.

  10. Typical liberal pretzel logic. Make it safe for the least while making it unsafe for the majority. These A-holes will pass a federal law that requires a third bathroom in all public places. Just wait.
    It’s only (your) money.

  11. Easy to find their bathroom. Just follow the trail of lost chromosomes on the floor. They have a nifty short yellow bus too.

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