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Who Dat?


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  1. Interesting design on the pocket. I wonder where the guy with the sombrero and riding the burro hails from…and how he got across the border.

  2. I’m with Jethro on the hair. If it’s not ‘shopped, its truly a freak of nature.

  3. Donald Trump. Damn I got one right without peekin’

    He may not be the next President, but he will certainly set the next President on the right track. I hope.

  4. The loose cannon when he was
    just a popgun.


  5. Constant erosion of morality in America is the role of deviants, so the masses of leftists tools are in control and moral individuals lose authority. Obama is gay and down low. Don’t expect and outcry from the White House.

  6. Sorry, wrong post. Maybe “The Donald” would agree.

  7. You’d think, what with all his money, he’d buy a bunch of hairplugs….

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