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WHO Director Declares No End To Pandemic, Until We Address Climate Change

Daily Caller

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday that the World Health Organization (WHO) and global elites are trying to link the coronavirus to climate change. More

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  1. will this mean the chinese who gave us the wuhan covid virus are going to shut down their world polluting factories and power stations?

  2. It was no coincidence that Cuomo’s Mountain of Recovery was green. Most mass graves are lush and verdant after a while.

    And ah clem, as James Lileks said, it means new scrubbers on the Uyghur crematoria smokestacks.

  3. I read an article several days ago that stated social distancing “3 Feet” if you cannot maintain 3 feet “wear a mask”. The article has vanished.
    This is from the WHO website, Dated June 4th, 2020:
    “Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and others.”

    And only recommends wearing a mask if you think you are infected.
    “Stay home and self-isolate even with minor symptoms such as cough, headache, mild fever, until you recover. Have someone bring you supplies. If you need to leave your house, wear a mask to avoid infecting others.”

    CDC, MSM, still recommend, 6 feet & mask all the time.
    MDS (Mask Derangement Syndrome) and TDS seem to go hand in hand.

    World Health Organization page

  4. And the left and news media had the brass to call the African nurse at the rally in DC a witch doctor!

  5. FU, KMA, ESAD. How much more proof do we need that the environmental movement had nothing to do with clean air and water. The environmental movement was designed to destroy Capitalism.

  6. WHO Director Declares No End To Pandemic, Until We Address Climate Change

    Uncle Al Declares No End To Panic-Mongering and Socio-Economic Warfare, Until We “Cancel With Prejudice” Collectivist Authoritarians

  7. We’ve got con games, Ponzi schemes, fraud and corruption coming at us from all sides. And now violence and massive mental illness.

    And then there’s the FED! 🙂

  8. The WHO owls are getting a little more than nervous that the pandemic will officially end on November 4th of this year and are in a panic driven swit to get it tied to Climate Change before then!

  9. The “scientists” Jo= Bid=n will listen to and shut down America. So, listen to “scientists”, shut down everything, and wait, while blowing away trillions on Green New Deal.

  10. I firmly believe that they are using this Scam to study de-industrialization Climate, mental health, elite rule of subjugated people, & ultimately de-population.

    According to doctors, heat & sun destroy this Covid.
    So does a warmer planet not reduce the disease?

    Locked up & depressed & demoralized people don’t want to have kids.
    Elderly are being killed off esp.the old.
    Diseases like cancer are not being treated enough. That will be much more statistically obvious within 2 years as delayed treatments take tolls.

    Factories & human mobility are all greatly reduced.
    So Far,Toronto has been way more humid & hot with no particulate,pollution & aircraft con trails.
    Why is chyna flooding so badly suddenly?

    All the WHO’s statement proves is that this is not about a severe flue/corona virus,It is about absolute control. esp. of Chyna & the USA.

    The 2 biggest industrialized bases are at partial capacity.

  11. Gee Wally, I would have thought the reduction in manufacturing and commuting along with the reduction in pollution would be exactly whut the doctor ordered for “cLIEmate change”!

    Hey Beave, they’re gonna go whutever it takes to keep the BIG Lie going!!

  12. They guy is on the ChiComm payroll, so what do we expect?

    But we didn’t expect that scumbag fauci to sell us out, which he did.

  13. Fuck you, flavor saver… your mouth looks like a faggot’s asshole.

    (not that I know what a faggot’s asshole looks like)


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